BTSCelebs’ Exclusive Interview with IdolWow! Founder Omid Mio Scobie – Part 1

The wait is over….well, almost. This is only part 1!
BTSCelebs announced in January that an all new K-Pop/South Korean entertainment news site would hit cyberspace. However, this particular website would be different than any other. 
This time around, a top representative from a major entertainment media outlet would run the website. 
The website is called IdolWow! and their identity is revealed today……
BTSCelebs: Please introduce yourself to BTSCelebers:
Omid Mio Scobie: Firstly, thank you for having me on BTSCelebs! I’m Mio – an editor who loves to create exciting and original content. Currently, I’m based in London where I run the overseas bureau for Us Weekly, one of the most most read entertainment outlets in the world. We’ve been responsible for breaking some of the biggest showbiz stories over the last decade, including Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s adoptions and just about every Kardashian milestone you can think of.
Who is your celebrity crush?
Can I pick two? Yuri from Girls’ Generation and Megan Fox.
Recently, I expressed my opinion of Ryan Higa and Megan Lee surpassing Psy on YouTube. Who do you think will surpass Psy on YouTube this year and become the next global star from South Korea?
‘Gangnam Style’ is still one of the most watched videos on YouTube (now almost 1.4billion hits!), so I think anyone after Psy’s crown in 2013 will be in for a tough fight. However, saying that, HyunA is working hard on her US debut with a really strong management team, so I can see that release blowing up. I think people will be really excited when they see what she’s been working on.
Next week: Mr. Scobie will share his thoughts about the following
What made you decide to create IdolWow!?
How will IdolWow! differ from other South Korean entertainment websites?
Describe IdolWow! in one sentence
Is there a celebrity you would love to be a guest blogger for the site?
**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Mr. Omid Mio Scobie for the interview and image.**

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  1. Reader says:

    what’s idol wow?

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