Omid Mio Scobie: Entertainment Agencies Are Waiting for IdolWow!


The journey is complete!

The Us Weekly Overseas Bureau Editor returns for part 2 of our interview about IdolWow!

BTSCelebs: What made you decide to create IdolWow!?

Omid Mio Scobie: When you look at western celebrity news, readers are spoilt for choice – there’s a website or magazine in just about every flavour (good and bad).

Although there are millions of Korean entertainment fans around the world, the English language market for coverage is largely under-served. I’m a big K-pop fan and always found it disheartening to see so much false or mis-translated gossip online. I felt the industry deserves the same quality that Hollywood gets from the likes of Us Weekly and People.

Through the launch of IdolWow! I want to give readers a reliable source of news, and for celebrities to have a safe platform to connect with a large audience. From speaking with the major entertainment agencies, I know this is something they have been waiting for too.

How will IdolWow! differ from other South Korean entertainment websites?

For starters, we’ll never run an item unless it has at least two sources or is checked with a rep. I think readers will also notice a real jump in visual quality. We’re working with some of the biggest photo agencies and a team of talented Seoul-based photographers to make that happen.

K-pop treats us to such high production values, so it’s important that the IdolWow! brand does that justice. In time, I hope IdolWow! can bring fans even closer to their favourite stars, on and off the stage.

Describe IdolWow! in one sentence:

A trusted source for the latest K-pop and Korean celebrity news, photos, videos and much more.

Is there a celebrity you would love to be a guest blogger for the site?

Guest bloggers are certainly on the cards for IdolWow!. My dream? G-Dragon’s own style column. G-Dragon is always so quick to discover to hottest fashion trends, so it would be amazing if he shared some of his finds and secrets.


IdolWow! launch date is TBA.

Be there for the Grand Opening by checking on a regular basis, follow IdolWow! on Twitter @IdolWow and don’t forget to check out the founder Mr. Scobie @_mio

BTSCelebs wishes Mr. Scobie and IdolWow! all the best in the news reporting world.

*A Special Thanks to Omid Mio Scobie for the interview and images*


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