Priyanka Chopra Teams Up with Pitbull for “Exotic”


The follow-up to “In My City” is coming soon!

Priyanka Chopra has enlisted the help of American rapper Pitbull for her second single “Exotic”. I’m guessing her PG-13 debut may be even more geared toward adult audiences with a rapper jumping on board (and the name of the single).

She tweeted images and messages from the set of her music video . Check them out below:

“..And U killed it! thk u! Daleeee a.k.a chaloooo! RT @Pitbull @priyankachopra& I at a video shoot today…daleeeee!”

“With @emilnava n @pitbull ..”

Click Here to see their family photo.

All rights to the image and quotes belong to Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull.

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