K-Pop Goodies: Kim Hyun Joong & Mnet’s “Pop This Way”

Kimhyunjoong 김현중_20130406

Enjoy your weekend with a little K-Pop!

Kim Hyun Joong is working hard in Vietnam on the set of variety show “Barefoot Friends” and his agency is keeping fans entertained. Recently, KeyEast shared a photo of  KHJ performing.

As you can see, he loves his glasses!

Mnet LA is launching a new show next week called “Pop This Way”.


Below is the official quote from Mnet’s Tumblr account:

“Our brand new original show, Pop This Way, is coming your way!! It’s four VJ’s and a whole lotta music videos. Explore MVs from around the globe with our hosts, as they present their playlists with their own flavor.

Tune in for the premiere episode on April 10th at 7PM 🙂 LIKE the FB page (www.facebook.com/ptwmnet), and follow them on TW @ptwmnet to interact with the hosts themselves!”

All rights to the images and quotes belong to KeyEast, hyunniespexers, and Mnet.

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