Heidi Kurzejka: I Would Love to Work with Kevin Spacey, Emma Stone and Cameron Diaz


Are you ready for part two of BTSCelebs’ interview with Heidi? The wait is over….

How did you get involved with Chicago P.D.?

I auditioned for the BMG talent agency about a year ago and was signed to their acting and modeling boards. BMG is a well-respected agency, and they send me on auditions for commercials and acting projects constantly. When they told me that the casting directors of Chicago PD wanted to see me for an audition to play the part of a flight attendant, I was thrilled. I went into the audition extremely nervous, but I was determined and prepared. They had me read from the script numerous times, and asked me to perform in entirely different ways than I had practiced. I was called back 2 more times, and after weeks of anticipation, I received news that I had gotten the part of Genevieve. Genevieve plays one of Burgess’s friends visiting from out of town in the episode “Chin Check.” I only had 3 lines, but I must have rehearsed them 100 times! I had the time of my life working on a National show with such seasoned professionals.

Please tell us about the filming experience

Filming Chicago PD felt like a dream. I even got my own trailer! It took about a week to film the different scenes that I was in, and I got to meet and hangout with the entire cast. Everyone was so nice and welcoming.  The best part of filming was shooting the “girls night out scene.” We were dressed to the nines, and got to cruise around in a limo. Filming this scene didn’t even feel like work. We had a blast.

 Let’s imagine you are starring in your very first movie, which male celebrity would you choose as a co-star? Any supporting female actresses you would love to work with? 


I would LOVE to work with Kevin Spacey. He has blown me away with his performance in ‘House of Cards’. I am extremely fascinated with political science, and Spacey’s performance is multi-dimensional. He is haunting, loving, visicious, and witty, all at the same time. It takes a special actor to encompass all of these dispositions simultaneously. As a broadcast journalist, I would die to play the part of a reporter on ‘House of Cards’ If I could pick some supporting female actors, I would love to work with Emma Stone and Cameron Diaz. I love women who can be funny and sexy at the same time.

You recently modeled wedding dresses for Brides magazine, what was the shoot like?

This shoot was funny because I’m too young to even think about getting married! It was exciting to play dress up and wear all of the extravagant wedding gowns and jewelry. They had me model over 50 dresses during the 6-hour shoot. It was one of those glamour shoots where they have the fan blowing on your fully curled pageant hair. I look at modeling like acting. I tried to think like a bride, and act like a bride, so that the love and joy would come through in the pictures.

Can we expect to see you act in any additional productions in the near future?

I have a short film coming out called “Idol.” I play the supporting role of Jessica. She is a bad influence, and acts like she knows everything….about everything. I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a great scene where she is insensitive, shameless, and outrageously funny all at the same time. Jessica is a character that you love to hate, and hate to love. The movie is centered around a young girl named Audrey, whose father works at a funeral home. Casimere Jolletete plays this role. Casimere also played the role of Claire Sutron in “Divergent.” She has talent beyond her years, and it was an incredible experience working with her.

 **BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Heidi Kurzejka for the interview and photos.**


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