[Interview] Author Arleen Spenceley: “We Are Created To Love” – Part 1


Tampa Bay Times’ staff writer Arleen Spenceley is branching out.

The educated lady, who earned a Masters degree in Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelors in Journalism, releases her debut nonfiction book “Chastity Is For Lovers”next month.

BTSCelebs was given the special opportunity to interview Arleen and discover her current stance on chastity, her upcoming book, advice to fellow virgins and so much more.

BTSCelebs: Why are you choosing the Chastity road?

Arleen Spenceley: I choose to practice the virtue of chastity — which isn’t abstinence but requires it outside marriage — because “only the chaste man and the chaste woman are capable of true love.” (That’s a quote from St. John Paul II.) As a Roman Catholic Christian, I believe we are created to love, so I can’t imagine not practicing a virtue that makes love possible.

What have you learned in your purity walk that you believe will benefit you in marriage?
Chastity is about governing our appetites instead of being governed by them. That means we don’t decide to do something because we have an urge to do it. Instead, we decide whether or not to act on an urge only after we’ve discerned that acting on it is a fundamentally good idea. In other words, we don’t always get what we want. If I get married, being able to handle not always getting what I want is a trait that’ll be of benefit to that relationship because marriage is designed to result in the destruction of self-absorption. If we’re going to be open to that, we’ve got to be able to forego always getting what we want.

Do you desire to only marry a virgin man?
I don’t know yet for sure that I’ll ever get married, as I’m still discerning my vocation. But I do date, and I don’t require the men I date to be virgins just because I am. I’ve dated men who are virgins and I’ve dated men who aren’t. That’s part of the beauty of chastity. A person can start practicing it now, regardless of whether he or she always has.

In part 2 of our interview, Arleen will answer the following questions:

 Tell us about your upcoming book. Why did you choose to release a book about this particular subject?

 What chapter of your book is your favorite? Why?

What advice would you give to fellow virgins that have low self-esteem and are willing to be with anyone to avoid being alone?

You were bullied online about your virginity based articles with the Tampa Bay Times, how did you overcome the negative backlash from readers?

* A Special Thanks to Arleen Spenceley for the exclusive interview and image.*


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