“What’s Your Raashee?” Scene Three!!!

Let’s wrap this up…shall we?

There isn’t much to tell about the final scene. Every extra that was on-duty that day entered a room very similar to the one above.

What did we do?  We waited under the two leading actors, Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra, beautified  themselves with the help of make up artists ( and plenty of hand-held mirrors. [Note- Harman had the majority of the primping done, while Priyanka visited the ladies room with us to touch herself up)

Please don’t misunderstand, they were both very friendly, down to earth people. Beautifying is something that has to be done on set.

After waiting for an eternity, we were ready to film! I was moved from the same row with the main actor to across the room with the supporting cast. We pretended to be students listening to a lecture over and over again. You know the drill….we took pretend notes, listened intently, and we were every bit the model students. The experience was nothing like my college days! I tried to study, while the rest of the class goofed off!

Anyway, that was our last scene. We worked until 9 to 10pm that night and….that’s  a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed my journey in Bollywood!

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Image Source: The Official University of Chicago Booth School of Business Website All rights to the photo belong to The UIC Booth School of Business

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