[Guest Blogger] Silken Celebrations: The Role of Hanboks in Korean-American Milestones

Sandra Byrd: A woman draped in a beautiful sari evokes thoughts of India. A Stetson hat, big silver belt buckles, and spurred boots speak of Texas. But what comes to mind when you hear the word hanbok, the traditional garments so interwoven into Korean culture and history the very name means Korean clothes?

Hanbok History

Hanboks—which can be traced to 57 BC—are beautiful, highly structured garments traditionally worn for celebrations, holidays, and other important occasions. Perhaps you’ve seen them in Korean movies or the increasingly popular K-dramas? KBS World explains, “The women’s hanbok is comprised of a wraparound skirt and a jacket. It is often called chima-jeogori, chima being the Korean word for ‘skirt’ and jeogori the word for ‘jacket.’ The men’s hanbok consists of a short jacket and pants, called baji, that are roomy and bound at the ankles.”

Although in times past, different hanbok materials, colors, and patterns were allowed only to the upper social classes, today, anyone is allowed to wear whatever hanboks suit them. Often, the very best hemp, cotton, satin, muslin, and most beautifully, silk, are the fabrics of choice.

Celebrity Hanbok

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BTSCelebs To Review Andrews and Wilson’s “Dark Fall”

On November 8th, Andrews and Wilson wrap up their compelling Shepherd Series with “Dark Fall.” The next installment follows our hero Jedidiah Johnson alongside his Joshua Bravo team as they fight the natural and spiritual enemy team the Dark Ones. This time around, the enemy group, who is lead by Victor, is attacking another part of the world with a mysterious new weapon. After Jed connects with the Eastern scientist that helped create the evil tool, he and his team begin their fight.

BTSCelebs plans to share the complete “Dark Fall” review in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Click Here to enjoy my review of the second book in the Shepherd Series. Click Here to read my exclusive interview with the authors.

A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image*

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Review: Chris Fabry And The Kendrick Bros’ “Lifemark”

On August 23rd, Chris Fabry and the Kendrick Bros’ “Lifemark” (novel) officially releases. The book is a touching pro-life story about a teenage couple with an unwanted pregnancy and a married couple grieving the loss of their babies.

Inspired by true life events, “Lifemark” focuses on Melissa, who is a senior in high school, living with her boyfriend, Brian.

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Kel Mitchell Writes A New Children’s Book

Check out Kel Mitchell’s IG video all about it here –

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16 K-drama Soundtrack Tunes That Will Make Us Swoon Forever

K-pop is the foundation of the very best K-dramas! If a series has incredible music, the storyline will automatically be enhanced by it. Some of my all-time favorite shows had unforgettable songs that remind me of the magical time the series first aired. Dance, ballads, rap and more make up the list I have compiled for you today.

“Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” “Descendants of the Sun” and “Love Alarm” are just a few of the K-drama soundtracks I’ve included on this fun-loving list to introduce you to the best songs from the past and present. 

Start enjoying the music now! 

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[Interview] Meet SCDT Artist Lourdes Taylor

Credit: Lourdes Taylor and The Silverman Group

Accomplished dancer Lourdes Taylor plans to wow the Chicago audience with her dance skills this Friday during An Evening with the South Chicago Dance Theatre: Celebrating Five Years. Lourdes, who is a Chicago native, has an extensive resume that includes graduating magna cum laude from Haverford College and being a Ph.D student at the University of Chicago. She has worked for top clients like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Shawn Mendes and Jamila Woods.

Do you want to learn more about South Chicago Dance Theatre’s Emerging Artist? Check out our interview below.

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“Black Panther”: Chicago Philharmonic Performs The Score On Juneteenth Weekend

Photo Credit: The Silverman Group/Chicago Philharmonic

Famous musical guests Massamba Diop (drum player from “Black Panther” fame) and Chicago native flutist Steve Kajula join conductor Emil de Cou for the upcoming Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Live in Concert! (Diop alone is a world renowned tama Senegalese talking drum player!) The highly anticipated event will happen at the Chicago Theatre, 175 N State St, Chicago, June 18, 2022 at 7:30 pm.

According to The Silverman Group press release, the empowering concert will feature the Chicago Philharmonic performing Ludwig Göransson’s Oscar® and Grammy®-winning score live to picture (the “Black Panther” film.)

Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Scott Speck: “Ludwig Göransson’s score for this movie is truly a wonder of modern composition, and an ingenious blend of traditional African and Western music. The two main characters are both given leitmotifs, which is a classical music tradition, but with a twist. T’Challa’s leitmotif is a talking drum rhythm, which Massamba Diop created and recorded for the original recording of the score. Killmonger’s leitmotif is played by the Fula flute, which will be performed in Chicago by Steve Kujala, one of the world’s foremost experts in ethnic flutes.”

Speck added, “Synchronizing a live orchestra soundtrack to a film is an exact science, but Emil has elevated it to an art form. He internalizes the score and breathes life into it, bringing the symphonic values of the music to full fruition. There is nobody around who embodies the flow of a film score more vividly than Emil.”

Executive Director Terell Johnson: “Words can’t describe how meaningful it is to me to bring this live to film concert, about Marvel Studios’ first Black superhero, to Chicago on the eve of Juneteenth. This record-breaking film highlights why representation matters and it is a terrific celebration of Black culture and artistry. We hope this will be an inclusive event that people from all over our city can enjoy together.”

For more information about the concert and the musical team, visit the the Chicago Theatre and Chicago Philharmonic websites: chicagotheatre.com, chicagophilharmonic.org

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Todd Shoemaker’s “Dead Man Running” Film Is Famous At Southern Film Fest

Credit: Docsology Films

Todd Shoemaker‘s Instagram post:

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Bears Share Their “NFL Draft” Plans

Past Bears Training Camp Image – Photo by BTSCelebs

The schedule below is subject to change, but this is the way the Chicago Bears plan to choose their new star athletes. The annual NFL Draft starts on Thursday. All the best to Da Bears!

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Jane Jenkins Herlong’s “Sweet Tea Secrets From The Deep-Fried South” Releases Today

The famous Southern humorist Jane Jenkins Herlong returns with her 5th book titled “SWEET TEA SECRETS FROM THE DEEP-FRIED SOUTH: Sassy, Sacred, Southern Stories Filled with Hope and Humor.” The trivia/novelty book is suppose to be filled with 50 unique tales that are true and all-encompassing faith stories, according to an official press release by Biscuit Media Group. They are about growing up in the South Carolina Lowcountry. No matter where you live the book promises “you’ll be entertained and inspired with warm Southern-fried humor and tried-and-true tips for attaining the best version of yourself.”

Jane Jenkins Herlong: “This book is both a celebration of, and an attempt to preserve, our Southern values. Now more than ever, we need to find the humor in our ways, and learn to laugh at ourselves. It’s also a venue for me to share a few over-the-top stories from my upbringing that can bring hope, healing, and a lot of laughter… I hope people are inspired by the book to take some of our Southern-isms and consider how they apply to our lives now. It will inspire you to surround yourself with people who encourage you to dream big, embrace who you are and who you are becoming, and celebrate people who are different from you.  This collection of Southern secrets will make your life as refreshing as a glass of sweet tea!”

The press release adds, “Colorful and beautifully illustrated, this collection of stories addresses specific landmark events in Jane’s life, along with issues in a Southern woman’s life, such as fitting into the covered-dish church culture, sacred sisterhood, finding hope in every season of life, and why so many people are drawn to beauty pageant competitions.”

Learn more about Jane and her new book “Sweet Tea Secrets From The Deep-Fried South” by visiting her official website, janeherlong.com.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Tyndale House Publishers for the info and image.

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