Interview with SF9’s “Fanfare” Songwriters, Albin Nordqvist & Louise Frick-Sveen

Image Credit FNC Entertainment

Image Credit FNC Entertainment

BTSCelebs: How did you get your start in the music industry?

Albin Nordqvist and Louise Frick-Sveen: Both of us went to this school up north in Sweden Called Musikmakarna (“music makers”), where we first came in contact with the industry, and later on our current publisher. Both of us have practiced music since childhood, but this was the start of our professional songwriting career.

How did your working relationship with FNC Entertainment come about? 

Our publisher Scandinavian Songs has a very good relationship with a lot of Korean labels and publishers, it was through them our song got in the hands of FNC Ent.

What inspired you to write “Fanfare”?

I (Albin) had just moved into my new studio and was superhyped about getting started on a new track, in those first fresh hours the instrumental hook and the heavy beat of FANFARE came into existence. I showed it to Louise and she got super excited, and that very same day we finished it as well. Everything went really fast and it all came very natural.

How long did it take to complete the song?

The whole process from idea to a finished demo song took 48hrs. The song was written within 24hrs.

Did you work alongside SF9 in the recording studio?

No, we have done everything in our studios in Stockholm.

Can we look forward to more songs from you in upcoming SF9 albums?

We certainly hope so! We write and produce new music all the time.🙂.

Many producers/songwriters attend their singers’ global concerts, do you think SF9 will perform USA in the near future? Which cities would you love to see them stop in? 

We hope they do, and we hope they will visit Europe as well, and particularly Sweden, our home country. There is a K pop following here. Actually “Fanfare” reached top20 on the Swedish iTunes chart!

Now that you have put SF9 on the map, are there any more rookie artists’ careers you would love to jump-start with your songs? 

Of course! It’s really fun to see the passion and energy that rookies offer. Also as with SF9, it’s really fun to see how they have grown and evolved from the earliest clips from Neoz School and D.O.B., to completely slaying the stage with their talent!

* A Special Thanks Peo Nylén, SCANDINAVIAN SONGS AB, Music Cube and  Albin Nordqvist & Louise Frick-Sveen for the exclusive interview.*


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David Dunn Releases “I Wanna Go Back” MV


CCM artist David Dunn has brought another one of his powerful songs to life thru a music video. In “I Wanna Go Back”, David explains how he truly wants to return to the time he was a baby Christian (when he first learned about Christianity as a child). Life was less complicated and the answers to problems were simple. The song and message are good, while the MV itself is a work of art!

Watch David take a trip down memory lane below:

All rights to the video belongs to BEC Recordings.

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BTSCelebs to Interview SF9’s Songwriting Team


K-Pop returns!

This week, BTSCelebs will be interviewing the brilliant songwriters behind SF9s debut single “Fanfare”. Writers Albin Nordqvist and Louise Frick-Sveen are going to answer some questions about the BTS aspect of the production process of the trendy new song. Stay tuned for the full interview.

Just in case you haven’t heard “Fanfare”, get addicted to the single by watching the music video below:

*All rights to the image and video belongs to FNC Entertainment.*

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Theatre Review: The Joffrey Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet”

Photo Credit: Cheryl Mann

Photo Credit: Cheryl Mann

Dancers Yoshihisa Arai, Christine Rocas and Rory Hohenstein were mesmerizing in Krzysztof Pastor’s “Romeo & Juliet”.  Action and passionate love are in abundance in the three act ballet based on the William Shakespeare classic. The entire cast did an amazing job with the complex choreography, but it was the incredibly ardent listed above that held the audience captive.

Yoshihisa may have only had the supporting role of Romeo’s friend Mercutio, however, his expressions and just overall on-stage persona brought life to the production. He clearly demonstrated he was leading man material.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Mann

Photo Credit: Cheryl Mann

Christine Rocas and Rory Hohenstein illustration of Juliet and Romeo’s intense love affair was so full of ardor! Their scenes were so exquisite they resembled scenes right out of a Hollywood movie. Of course, the artistic touch they brought to their love scenes were Art Museum ready.

If you are looking for a sexy ballet full of action and suspense, “Romeo and Juliet” is for you. It’s the perfect date night event.

“Romeo & Juliet” runs thru October 23 at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University.

* A Special Thanks to The Silverman Group for allowing BTSCelebs to review the ballet*

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foreverJONES’ DOE To Release New Digital Single


The beloved foreverJONES family is ready to take on the digital music world. After an awe-inspiring song teaser, the gospel group shared the image above via Facebook and this brief message:


While fans contribute and patiently wait on the group’s next album, they are getting a great DOE melody treat in the coming days. All the best to DOE and her family on their new release.

All rights to the image belongs to foreverJONES.

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Tori Spelling Celebrates Baby #5

Tori Spelling is excited about the future!

The proud celebrity mom is gushing online and thru the media about her growing family. This week, Tori shared photos via Instagram of the McDermott family and her glowing self (in the 2nd trimester of her pregnancy). Also, the 43 year-old actress encouraged followers to check out her feature in the Celeb Baby section of People magazine.


Tori: “So blessed and excited that our family is growing again! We’re expecting our 5th! Get all of the details in this week’s issue of @people & click the link in my bio for more photos!”


“2nd Trimester #babybump & feeling great! Thanks for all of the amazing love and support everyone has shown us with the news of #5! The comments and DM’s and texts have been incredible! I ❤️️ all of you! @people is on newsstands today! Read my journey so far and see our family #BabyBump pics also link to article in bio and thx to my friend & fellow #bumper @ailinahas1 for writing such an amazing article! Beautiful mama💕 xoxo”

Congratulations to the happy parents!

All rights to the photos and quotes belong to Tori Spelling and People Mag.

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Heartbreak Alert: Ryan McCartan Confirms Split From Dove Cameron


The impossible has happened.

Disney’s “IT” couple shared the most frightening October news yet. After four wonderful years together, Ryan and Dove have called it quits. The Summer Forever star confirmed the distressing news  on Twitter earlier today.

Ryan McCartan: “Dove has decided this relationship isn’t what she wants. We still love each other very much. Please be sensitive, as this is painful.”

I sincerely hope they discuss their differences and reconcile soon. Their relationship gave so much hope to young Disney fans everywhere. Ryan and Dove FTW!


All rights to the photos belongs to Ryan McCartan.

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