BTSCelebs To Review Patricia Raybon’s “All That Is Secret”

In October, award-winning author Patricia Raybon’s “All That Is Secret” novel will introduce us to Professor Annalee Spain’s fictional world in the roaring 1920s. Annalee is tasked with a heavy mission of solving her estranged father’s murder in an area ravaged by racism. Her allies promise to be two men from polar opposite racial backgrounds and upbringing.

BTSCelebs will start reading this historical fiction book very soon and share my complete review in the coming weeks.

“All That Is Secret” releases on October 5th, 2021.

A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image

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Check Out Omega X’s Tracklist

Omega X:

(Image Credit: @omegax_official on IG)

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[Interview] 5 Questions With Jason Mac

Credit: Cinedigm and Fathom Events

On June 17th, A Father’s Legacy is set to premiere in hundreds of theaters across the USA. BTSCelebs was recently given the golden opportunity to interview the creator behind the film about a unique father-son bond that is sure to bring tears to your eyes. Meet the writer, director and leading actor of A Father’s Legacy now.

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[Movie Review] “A Father’s Legacy”

Stars Tobin Bell and Jason Mac star in the raw and emotional film A Father’s Legacy. In Mac’s feature film directorial debut, he portrays Nick Wolfe, a heartbroken man on the run.

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[Interview] 8 Questions With Musician Erskin

Rising star Erskin Anavitarte has a heart of gold!

According to his online biography, the devoted husband and father is an accomplished “Singer-Songwriter, Diversity Spokesman, Adoption Advocate, and music Co-Producer”. Non-profit organizations Holt International, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Life Action, and Project Connect Nashville are some of the ones the Anavitarte family are advocates for.

BTSCelebs first heard him perform “Is He Worth It?” on CCM Mag Cafe, and I knew I had to interview this inspiring singer. During our chat, Erskin introduced himself, his family and expounded on his wonderful career and things near and dear to his heart.

Meet Erskin Anavitarte!

BTSCelebs: Who is Erskin?

Erskin Anavitarte: Hello world! The artist, performer and personality known as Erskin is a creative music entrepreneur who loves to interact and lead people closer to Jesus. Since this can happen almost anywhere, I travel almost everywhere to see this happen.

Who inspired you to pursue music?

The inspiration to pursue music comes from a healthy life of music diversity. I grew up listening to pop, country, R&B Classics & more, which makes it understandable that I would create in those various genres. My father was a career musician and he along with others kept the fires of creativity active through life.

Out of all the songs you have created, which one do you connect with the most?

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[Live Performance] Cynn Sage, Soleil and Melinda Rose Make Grand Return To The Stage

Miami is introducing fresh voices!

According to a recent media alert by Tadpole Communications, Cynn Sage, Soleil and Melinda Rose will be apart of “Speak Low” at the Purple Palms Creative. SL is a new, small-scale concert designed to entertain music lovers in Miami. Through PPC, it is aimed at promoting rookie artists on the global stage. This a collaborative effort among, Tiny Stage, The Jam Lot, Backroom Sessions and Clara Management and Purple Palms Creative.

Tadpole had this to say about the upcoming music show: “On Tuesday, May 25, musical talent Cynn Sage, Melinda Rose (recently featured on Season 17 of NBC’s hit show “The Voice”) and Soleil are set to perform. The showcase will be recorded by Tiny Stage Entertainment production team and streamed exclusively on on Tuesday, June 1 at 8 p.m. ET. All performance streams on are FREE, interactive, and, with user chat functionality, easily discoverable by viewers….

Speak Low, featuring exciting local musical artists Cynn Sage, Melinda Rose and Soleil at Miami’s Purple Palms Creative. The event will be hosted by Jose Maestri. DJ Bause Mason will spin between sets.”

Learn more about artists Melinda Rose, Cynn Sage and Soleil by visiting the following links:, @cynnsage on Instagram and

A Special Thanks to Tadpole Communcations for the images and info.

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Meet The New Ambassador of Jeju Island, Omega X

Photo Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

The honors keep coming!

Spire Entertainment recently shared the good news that Omega X has been decreed the honorary public relations ambassador of the Jeju Tourism Association.

The President of JTA, Bu Dong Suk, congratulated them and requested that they promote the island’s trademark worth for the next two years.

Omega X had this to say during their acceptance speech, “Jeju Island houses 3 UNESCO natural heritage sites. We will do our best to promote Jeju Island and all its beauty to the world with our music and performances.”

Congratulations, Omega X!

Their YouTube reality series “Loading – One More Chan X” is currently up to episode 6, and they are still a few more weeks until the finale (episode 10). Click Here to see the latest uploads.

Photo Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

A Special Thanks to Spire Entertainment for the info and images.

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[Grand Comeback] A&A Ballet’s Celebrates 5th Anniversary with “The Art Deco Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Rhapsody in Blue” Event

On May 22nd, A&A Ballet plans to welcome their loyal fanbase back with a triple bill at the Athenaeum Theatre. “The Art Deco Nutcracker”/”Swan Lake”/”Rhapsody in Blue” will be their very first extensive performance since the pandemic shut down the world in 2020.

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Review: The Joffrey Ballet’s “Under the Trees’ Voices”

Stefan Goncalvez, Photo by Matt de la Peña

Tonight, the world premiere of “Under The Trees’ Voices” was streamed live on The Joffrey Ballet’s YouTube Channel. The 28-minute work, which featured 15 Joffrey Artists, exuded the charm of ‘Winning Works” and “Modern Masters”.

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[Exclusive Interview] 6 Questions With Supergroup OMEGA X

Photo Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

Don’t miss OMEGA X!

Spire Entertainment’s brand new permanent boy band is well on their way to surpassing SuperM as the next “Kpop Avengers”. After signing with Japan’s mega fan media platform Skiyaki Inc, being interviewed by Forbes, and featured in a host of South Korean and niche media like SPO TV News, Joy News 24 and Koreaboo, OMEGA X is ready to take on the world. Members Hangyeom, Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk and Yechan graciously took some time out of their busy schedule to do an exclusive interview with BTSCelebs.

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