[Interview] Cirque du Soleil’s Samuel Moore: In ‘Twas the Night Before, We Are Guiding Isabella Into This Magical World

Kinjaz Dance Crew _ Photo Credit: Kyle Flubacker

Cirque du Soleil’s first Christmas show “‘Twas the Night Before…” is headed to New York’s Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden on December 9th! Before that highly anticipated event, it is currently being presented at The Chicago Theatre (175 N. State Street) for 17 grand performances. (The entire show is brought to audiences by Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp and Cirque.)

Dancer Samuel Moore is one of the many artistic masters gracing the stage this season. Following Cirque’s 2019 version of “‘Twas the Night Before…”, this is the second time Samuel Moore is performing in this magical holiday circus.

Let’s meet him now!

BTSCelebs: Who is Samuel Moore professionally?

Samuel Moore: I am a hard-working and optimistic individual who knows how to be fun but also very productive in the workplace. I’m always looking on the bright side, and I’m always trying to be a solution to someone’s problem. I believe that I am a person who is very easy to work with.

What was your role in creating “’Twas the Night Before”?

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[Interview] Dancer Aiden Moss: The Nutcracker Prince Is Leadership

On December 4th, A&A Ballet presents another glamorous performance of “The Art Deco Nutcracker“. Alexei Kremnev‘s eighth full-length ballet plans to make Tchaikovsky’s classic music shine in front of a modern audience. This version of “The Nutcracker”, which is set in America during the 1920s, stars dancer Aiden Moss as The Nutcracker Prince.

Recently, BTSCelebs was offered the wonderful opportunity to interview this young artist, who is an aspiring studio owner himself. In our exclusive interview, Aiden introduces himself, mentions his dance beginnings, discusses his role in the holiday special and more.

Meet dancer Aiden Moss now.

BTSCelebs: Who is Aiden Moss professionally?

[Aiden Moss] is an aspiring dancer, who is currently training under the A&A faculty here in Chicago. He will someday use all the knowledge he’s accumulating to be a studio owner one day. Also, he is a store director for Chick-fil-A who primarily runs the back of the house. He loves the parts of the job where he can hustle and show others how to make their job easier.

What piqued your interest in dance?

I began my dancing at the age of 5 when I took my older sisters ballet class one day just for fun. And fell in love with it. I was about 14 when the classical ballet took over my life and I started looking at it as something that I never wanted to stop doing. I love the strict standards that the Vaganova method of ballet brings to the studio and your life.

Why did you choose to join “The Art Deco Nutcracker”?

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[Interview] 5 Questions With Jonathan Bingham

Tomorrow, Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra premieres its 32nd Season with “Simply Serenades”. Composer in Residence Jonathan Bingham is poised to make the world premiere of his orchestral serenade “Tautology”, and BTSCelebs was given the golden opportunity to interview him.

Currently, the Howard University and New York University grad is a Donna Milanovich Composer in Residence at CPO. His resume includes completed residencies with Boulder Symphony, collaborations alongside artists from multiple genres and international premieres of his work.

Learn more about this gifted man of music now.

Who is Jonathan Bingham professionally?

I’m still trying to figure this out! I can say, though, that I’ve dedicated much of my time over the past decade trying to develop skills for different areas in music. Composition for the concert hall has a different approach than writing for media, popular culture, etc. It’s been my responsibility, as well as the responsibility of my fellow composers, to branch out and service different mediums.

What piqued your interest in performing arts?

Composing music was the first activity that fully transfixed me. It’s easy enough to be fun yet challenging enough to prevent boredom. To add, any individual getting to know the performing arts becomes connected to a rich, worldly history and lineage. I remain thankful for it.

Why did you choose to join “Simply Serenades”?

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[Opinion] My Favorite Arirang Kpoppin’ Shows Of The Season

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[Guest Blogger] Lynn Austin: 5 Tips for Staying Grounded at Christmas

It’s so easy to get carried away at Christmastime. While we’re dazzled by the glitz and magic of the season, the pressure builds to create a perfect Christmas holiday for our family, with a perfect tree, perfect gifts that are perfectly wrapped, a perfectly decorated house, and perfect get-togethers with family and friends. Our stress levels rise as we become buried in must-do lists, and we end up frazzled and exhausted by the New Year. In all of the bustle, it’s easy to forget that the real meaning of Christmas is the birth of a Savior, God’s perfect gift to us. Here are my five tips for staying grounded this year—and every year.

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Book Review: Francine Rivers’ “The Lady’s Mine”

Credit: Tyndale House Publishers

This February, Francine Rivers, the bestselling author behind “Redeeming Love”, releases another historical romance titled “The Lady’s Mine”.

In this new tale, outspoken Kathryn Walsh is a suffragette who gets forced out of her family home due to her disobedient ways.

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[Interview] Todd Shoemaker: [Dead Man Running] Is God’s Story. All Credit And Praise Goes To Him.

Credit: Docsology Films

BTSCelebs: Who is Todd Shoemaker?

Todd Shoemaker: I am a husband, friend, servant and prayer warrior.

How did you become a Christian?

I became a Christian at the age of 10. Even though my decision was real, it was mostly made because my big brother came to know Jesus. It was not until I arrived at Palm Beach Atlantic University at the age of 19, that my relationship with Jesus became truly real. I was blessed with some wonderful Christian roommates. Jesus helped my roommates guide me into a rededication of my relationship.

What compelled you to tell your story in “Dead Man Running”?

Credit: Docsology Films

Several friends encouraged me to share my story with a larger audience. I also want to encourage others dealing with some life issues to stay positive during the journey.

Which family or friend do you feel was shocked the most by your miracle and will to live?

I would say my mom and godson were truly shocked by my miracle.

Why did you choose to release the film free of charge?

This is God’s story. All credit and praise goes to Him. Also, I never want anyone not to see this film because of financial issues.

What message do you want people of all religions to take away from your movie?

To be stronger in their faith. To walk away encouraged. To leave with more hope. To keep fighting the battle.

What additional projects should we expect from you for rest of the year into 2022?

Hopefully going to update our book The Blessed Overcomer in 2022. Based on the Covid situation, I would love to speak at churches, other ministries and universities.

Click Here to read the official press release to learn more about Todd Shoemaker and his new film.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Docsology Films for the exclusive interview and images. 

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Review: Erica Wiggenhorn’s “Letting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck and How Surrender Sets You Free”

Credit: Moody Publishers

Last month, Erica Wiggenhorn released another in-depth non-fiction title designed to be a powerful bible study resource. Moody Publishers revealed herLetting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck and How Surrender Sets You Free”, and it is filled with biblical references that contrasts with her own life as well as people she knows.

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[Interview] 8 Questions With “Big Fifty” Actor Michael Anthony

Did you watch “Big Fifty” on BET +?  If your answer is “yes”, this interview was made for you!

“American Gangster Presents Big Fifty – The Delrhonda Hood Story” premiered on BET + last Thursday, and it topped the chart at #1! (Congratulations to the cast and crew.) Recently, BTSCelebs was given the golden opportunity to interview star Michael Anthony, who plays Big Fifty’s husband Ricky. He is so much more than just an actor.

According to Michael’s official bio, he is a respected military veteran with 4 years in the US Military Special Forces (military rank was E-4/ SRA in the US Air Force). Following September 11, 2001, he even served in Operation Enduring Freedom. He transitioned into the music industry for over a decade and is a master at combat arts. Michael Anthony’s early work in music opened up the door to the acting world. You know him best for his roles in “Raising Dion”, “Chicago Med”, “Dynasty” and now “Big Fifty”.

Let’s meet this talented star and discover more about his work in “Big Fifty”.

BTSCelebs: Who is Michael Anthony professionally?

Michael Anthony: I’m an actor in film and television. I started off in the music industry as a songwriter and artist with Slip N Slide/ EMI / Atlantic. I was in that game for about 16 years. One day, I got hired to assist in producing a soundtrack for this film and the director of the film came along. The entire time that I was going over songs I could feel him staring at me instead of the screen. After a while he stopped me and said, “Have you ever thought about acting?” I told him that I had secret thoughts about it but never exercised it. He told me that there was a role in this film, and he sees the character when he sees me. Next thing I know I’m at an audition a week later. I ended up getting the role but I didn’t realize that I had also been bitten by the acting bug. The bite wouldn’t let me go and here I am today.

What attracted you to acting?

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[Interview] Patricia Raybon: Writing About Faith And Mystery Is An Exciting Path For Me, And I’m So Grateful To Be On It

Credit: Tyndale House Publishers

Tomorrow, Patricia Raybon‘s action-packed mystery novel “All That Is Secret”  finally releases! In celebration of her first Tyndale novel, BTSCelebs wanted to feature her in an exclusive interview.

Learn more about the talented lady who brought Annalee Spain to life, discover how her own life experiences shaped the character and Annalee Spain’s future beyond this book.

BTSCelebs: Who is Patricia Raybon professionally?

Patricia Raybon: Thanks for your questions. At this point, after working five decades—first as a journalist, then a teacher of journalists, then as a nonfiction author—I’m just one of countless working writers who gets up every morning, grateful for assignments that let me reflect on the two things I love most: my faith in Christ and the genre of fictional mysteries. So I’m a regular writer for two ministries—DaySpring’s (in)courage community and Our Daily Bread. Then, last year, I completed and sold a mystery novel, All That Is Secret, to Tyndale House. I’m not trying to achieve any lofty professional notoriety. I just love writing for people who love to read. That’s my job. Gratefully, it has never felt like work.

Which author (classic or current) do you believe is your biggest inspiration?

Howard Thurman takes the top spot. He was the philosopher-theologian who was Dr. Martin Luther King’s spiritual mentor. A brilliant scholar who grew up near the beach in Daytona, he was a naturalist—a Black version of Henry David Thoreau—and also a pacifist who, more than anyone, inspired Dr. King’s passion for nonviolence. Two of Thurman’s books are my absolute favorites: his autobiography, With Head and Heart, and his reflection on Jesus’ relationship to the poor and oppressed, Jesus and the Disinherited. In my humble view, it’s one of the best books ever written on faith and race. It’s stunning. As for the craft of writing, I’m inspired most by film doctor Robert McKee, whose treatise on cinematic writing is called Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting, and John Truby, another film doctor, who’s the author of The Anatomy of Story. Third is fiction editor Sol Stein, author of Stein on Writing and How to Grow a Novel. Brilliant, all three.

Why did you decide to write the historical mystery All That Is Secret?

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