Tim Tebow’s Wife, Demi-Leigh, Joins Internet Trend

It’s only a matter of time before Demi-Leigh walks down the aisle with America’s famous athlete, so we should start calling her wife now!

One week after getting engaged, the beauty pageant winner had fun with the internet’s 10 year challenge. She shared a glamorous photo of herself at age 13 and her current age (23) via social media. She proves her natural beauty status with the timeless snapshots. The only major change over the years seems to be make-up.

Demi-Leigh and Tim Tebow announced their engagement on January 10, and the world is anxiously waiting on wedding news.

Congratulations once again to Demi-Leigh and her husband-to-be!

Photo Credit: Demi Leigh’s Instagram

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Selena Gomez Ends Social Media Hiatus

Check out Selena Gomez‘s latest posts below:

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Arirang Radio: 2 Must-Hear Shows

Photo Credit: Arirang Radio

After the weekly Q&A segment disappeared from DJ Isak’s line-up, I decided to give the other Arirang Radio shows a try. Music Access and Hot Beat were the first programs that caught my attention. Thankfully, “MMWV (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)” and “Oppas” were filled with the “Dear Abby” like goodness I missed.  The shows interact with listeners by answering their tough questions about love, relationships, everyday issues, and entertaining us with wonderful conversations. Jane and Sihyun currently join DJ Benji for “MMWV” at 3PM [KST] on Tuesdays, while Goni teams up with DJ Lex at 1AM [KST} every Wednesday for “Oppas”. They are equally delightful!

I’m a big fan of “MMWV” and “Oppas”, and I hope Arirang Radio expands the Q&A format to other programs as well.

Photo Credit: Arirang Radio

Click Here to tune in, and visit the show’s official pages.


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Where is U-KISS’ Kevin Woo Today?

Photo Credit: Kevin Woo’s Instagram

Kevin Woo is busy planning for the future!

On Monday, the former U-KISS member returned to his ASC roots by appearing as a guest on Arirang’s “After School Club”. He had a ball on the show greeting fans, joking with the hosts, playing games and even discussing his solo career. Kevin talked about the possibility of touring internationally to meet his fans around he world.

Click Here to watch his entire episode (Episode 350- video 255).

After spending time in the US,  Korea and Japan, he jetted off to Hong Kong this week for a special project.

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Hollyn is Married

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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mrs. wilson ❤

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Click Here to read BTSCelebs’ past interview with Hollyn, and here to read my review of her last album.

Photo Credit: Hollyn’s Instagram.

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Madilyn Bailey and Ryan Higa Define Milestones

Serious Vs Hilarious

YouTube celebrities Madilyn Bailey and Ryan Higa kicked off 2019 with two very different benchmarks. Recently, they shared news about video views and dieting via social media.

Madilyn was overjoyed about one of her latest videos attracting views in a short amount of time. She had to be in awe by her fans outpouring of love. (To date, the video has over 2.1 million views)

Ryan marveled at a milestone of his own! He kept his post lighthearted by reminiscing about 2018 and making fun of his poor diet just a mere week ago.

Happy New Year!


Photo Credits: Madilyn Bailey and Ryan Higa



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Fantasy Casting: Disney’s “Pocahontas”


Pocahontas is one of the iconic films many 80s and 90s kids  grew up watching. Even though I preferred the sequel (“Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World”), I would still like to see a live action version based on the original film. If Disney decides to remake this one, I have a few actors in mind who would fit the starring roles perfectly.

Pocahontas  (Zendaya)

She is a Disney alum and young star who would definitely shine as the lovely, strong and statuesque Pocahontas. Disney fans fell in love with her in Shake It Up”, “K.C. Undercover”, as well as, some DCOMs. I think they would welcome her as a Princess.

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John Smith (Cole Sprouse)

The “Riverdale” actor would also be returning to Disney roots if he took on the role of the European explorer who falls in love with Pocahontas. He and his twin brother (Dylan) are this generation’s heartthrobs who have the ability to take on any role.

Chief Powhatan (Martin Sensmeier)

At first glance, “The Magnificent Seven”actor seems like the perfect  Kocoum. However, that character has a tragic end during the film, so I felt the powerful and knowledgeable Chief Powhatan was a better fit for him. In real life, Martin is an expert on Native American culture, who is proud of his Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan descent.

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Feels like a Friday. 😬🐶

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Grandmother Willow (Octavia Spencer)

The Academy Award winning actress has played a variety of roles, but nothing can beat playing God in “The Shack”. So, I think her advice as the mystical and wise Grandmother Willow is sure to be concrete.

Nakoma (Vanessa Hudgens)

The “High School Musical” alum has found her voice on-screen and stage. She’s more than qualified to be a best friend to Pocahontas. This time around, Nakoma deserves more musical numbers and a better love story.

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Upclose and personal 😉

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I’m hoping Disney greenlights a new “Pocahontas” soon and considers these talented actors!

Photo Credit: Disney

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