Kurt Hugo Schneider Takes on a Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Mashup

Song face off time!

Musicmaster Kurt Hugo Schneider recruited singers Madilyn Bailey and Leroy Sanchez to cover songs from two of today’s top stars. Of course, the pair sang hit singles from the former celebrity couple and nailed it!

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the ride through the mashup video below:

All rights to the video and screencap belongs to Kurt Hugo Schneider.

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Tina Campbell Opens Up About Forgiveness with “Too Hard Not To”

Tina Campbell returns to the music scene this month with all new tunes!

Over the weekend, the Mary Mary member uploaded the music video for her “Too Hard Not To” single. The song is simple, sweet and so moving. She reminds listeners that it’s much easier to forgive those who have wronged us than hold grudges.

Watch the inspiring video below:

Bravo, Tina Campbell!

All rights to the video and screencap belongs to Tina Campbell and Gee Tree Creative.

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Boy Band’s Devin Hayes Starts New Life After The Show

On Thursday, ABC’s “Boy Band” eliminated another fan favorite before the season finale. Illinois’ native Devin Hayes gracefully exited the show with gratitude for the opportunity to appear on the series. He even shared a series of upbeat Instagram clips following his last episode to prove there were no hard feelings for his elimination.

Check out a couple of his posts below:

On Friday, Devin shared this message via Instagram about his tenure on “Boy Band”: “This journey has been amazing. I am so incredibly thankful and humbled to be able to be on such an amazing show. It had such an impact on me and it changed my life. Boy Band has shaped me not only into a better artist, but a better person as well. The confidence I started the show with was close to NONE. I’m happy to say I’m leaving the show with the GREATEST confidence in myself and with a positive and bright spirit. I’m never going to stop being myself. I’m never going to stop smiling. 😊 I won’t ever let someone try and tell me that I need to change who I am as a person. I aim to continue to inspire people and spread positivity. The support I’ve had through this competition is UNREAL. You guys are my everything. I love you Hayzers. Forever and always💪🏼❤️ On to the next chapter”

I was looking forward to Devin, Jaden, Marcus, Sergio and Drew scoring spots in the band. So, Thursday’s show was somewhat upsetting with Devin and Sergio facing off for elimination. I still hope the other guys make it in the band.

All the best to Devin Hayes!

All rights to the images and quote belongs to Devin Hayes.

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Book to Review: Victoria Bylin’s “The Two of Us”

BTSCelebs recently received Victoria Bylins new book “The Two of Us”. Her easy-to-read novel helped me vget to chapter 11 already!

The tragedies uniting the main couple (Mia Robinson and Jake Tanner), Jake’s parents and a young couple are unreal. From hearing loss to a debilitating disease, Author Bylin promises to make readers break out the tissues as the chapters go by. I’ll be back with the complete review soon.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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Allu Arjun Has An Adorable Father-Daughter Moment with Daughter, Arha

Telugu cinema star Allu Arjun and his wife, Sneha Reddy, are still beaming with joy eight months after the birth of their darling daughter, Arha. Yesterday, the proud dad shared a precious photo with Arha via social media with this caption, “Me And My Little Angel Allu Arha ! #studio pic a boo.”

Allu returns to the silver screen next summer in the upcoming Vakkantham Vamsi directed film “Naa Peru Surya”. The new dad is expected to hit the gym to be in tiptop shape for his role as a military officer.

A belated congrats to Allu and Sneda on the birth of their second baby.

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Allu Arjun.

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Jordin Sparks Returns to CBS’ “The Talk” in August

Jordin Sparks instagrammed: “Thank you for having me on, @thetalkcbs! I’ll be back in Aug 3rd! So much fun!! 🤗♥️”

All rights to the image belongs to Jordin Sparks and CBS

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Joey Lawrence Joins Andy Lawrence on Hawaii Five-0

Brothers reunite!

Hawaii Five-0 regular, Andy Lawrence, recently brought his real life bro on the set of his TV show, and Joey hinted that he may be making a special appearance. Today, the veteran actor shared this message alongside their family selfie, “Something’s cooking on the #island stay tuned selfie @andrewlawrence.”

I’ve been a fan of the Lawrence Brothers since their Disney days (Matthew Lawrence too). I know they’ll kill it on the show! Their acting talent is out of this world.

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Joey and Andrew Lawrence. 

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