Kpop Star Hosts Online Cooking Show

You can learn how to cook like a star!

While the world pauses regular life, a veteran singer is trying to brightened everyone’s mood through his upbeat cooking show. For the past few weeks, he happily created simple Korean dishes for fans to try at home.

Saturday afternoons [KST] “Kevin’s Kitchen” comes to life on Instagram courtesy of Kevin Woo. The former U-KISS member made the famous Tteokbokki on Instagram and Twitter last weekend.

Check his Twitter recording below:


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BTSCelebs to Review Carla Laureano’s “Under Scottish Stars”

This summer, author Carla Laureano plans to introduce readers to The MacDonald Family Trilogy. Carla will take us on a trip to Scotland in her first book titled “Under Scottish Stars”, where we have the opportunity to meet widow Serena MacDonald Stewart and her potential love interest/employee Malcolm Blake.

Currently, I’m on chapter 9, and several characters have already been fleshed out on the quaint Isle of Skye. Our main couple will not only be exploring a relationship, but they have a group of sweet children ready to bond too.

Stay tuned for the complete review alongside my “Sea Glass Castle” review in the coming weeks.

Carla Laureano‘s “Under Scottish Stars” is scheduled to be released July 2020.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image*

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[Marathon Alert] Comedian Shares Hilarious Comedy Shorts

If you’re looking for quick videos to marathon during the week, look no further than YouTube! “King of Queens” star Kevin James recently released several hilarious shorts including the new series “Hopes & Dreams” and stand alone clips like “Misread Waves”.

Check out one of his stress relieving films below:

Happy viewing!

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Watch “The Pilgrim’s Progress” For Free

Until April 30th, families can view the 2019 hit CGI-animated film “The Pilgrims Progress” from the comfort of their own homes.. free of charge!

According to Biscuit Media Group‘s recent press release, the film that left audiences in awe last Easter will be available to view online. Besides being a high-ranking Fathom Event film at the box office, it attracted sold out crowds across the world. Revelation Media, i.BIBLE and Summit Ministries, along with a group of generous ministry partners are happy to release it again for a limited time this year.

Executive Producer Steve Cleary shared this message about the online release, “As media-aware families around the globe are faced with issues surrounding social distancing, we wanted to not only provide this film as a resource for entertainment, but also as a tool for learning. Since the late 1600s, ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ has been one of the world’s most beloved stories, and I believe it is more relevant to the Christian journey today than ever before. We wanted to offer families the opportunity to view the film and discover a new way to discuss the timeless themes of faith that are explored in the story, such as hope, doubt, persistence, persecution, and hardships.”

The classic book has already been translated in over 200 languages. “Written in the late 1600s by John Bunyan while in prison for holding religious services, ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ is often cited as the greatest allegory ever written,” the press release states.

Executive Producer Steve Cleary cotinues, “Faith-based films have proven to be one of the most effective tools for reaching the world, and have the unique power to break down barriers of age, race, nationality, and language. With a classic, beloved story that is already known throughout the world like ‘THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS,’ we have been able to open up conversations about the Christian journey all around the globe in multiple languages. It’s amazing to watch God work, and we know that it’s just getting started.”

Click Here to enjoy the free film.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group for the info.

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4 Best Songs To Combat Fear

Photo Credit: @davidtdunn on Instagram

It’s time to overcome these challenging times with some positive tunes!

BTSCelebs wants to spread the good news and cheer through quality CCM/Gospel music. The songs on this list are all about finding hope through faith. Let’s overcome fear the precious singles from David Dunn, Riley Clemons, Koryn Hawthorne and Coby James.

David DunnStarting Now

Leaving all of your worries at the doorstep is pretty much what this song is about. The only difference is David is trusting God with all of his problems.

Riley Clemmons – Over and Over

Riley is in awe by her Savior’s desire to choose her no matter what and the surprising example of unconditional love. There is no shame in a steadfast Christian’s life.

Koryn Hawthorne – Won’t He Do It

With God all things are possible! Koryn’s single also reminds Christians that absolute peace is guaranteed if we rely on God.

Coby James – Pressure

Staying grounded in his religion is the best way Coby deals with difficulty. Anxiety and fear can’t withstand strong faith.

Happy listening!


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Mandisa Introduces The Newest Addition To Her Family

The Grammy winner proves happiness is a choice.

While her tour is on a mandatory hiatus, the “Overcomer” singer decided to open her heart and home. Today, she formally introduced Kiya to her fans.

Adorable! I’m sure her social media accounts will soon be overflowing with precious photos of the two enjoying life together.

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“Mulan” Cast Shares Exciting Movie Premiere Goodies

Photo Credit: @yosonosoy on Instagram

On Monday, the live action version of “Mulan” held its grand premiere in Los Angeles! The stars of the “epic” film couldn’t help sharing glamorous updates from the event including photos/videos of themselves on the red carpet, as well as, a group gathering on the stage inside the theater.

Check out some of their shining social media posts below:

Donnie Yen –


Jason Scott Lee –

Yoson An –

Jimmy Wong –

View this post on Instagram

payin homage to one of the greatest

A post shared by Jimmy Wong (@jfwong) on

Doua Moua –

“Mulan” is scheduled to premiere in US theaters later this year.

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