3 Korean Dramas I’m Excited to Watch This Year

actress Kim So Hyun

K-dramas are in full swing this year with a truckload of amazing K-dramas. I’ve been busy sampling past and present shows while anxiously waiting for my new favorites to arrive. Currently, I’m trying out Park Jinyoung’s “He Is Psychometric”. The first two episodes appear to be a mixture of melodrama and comedy, but I can’t say it’s in my top 10. The melodramatic (and crime) scenes are more gruesome than I expected them to be. Nonetheless, there are a few TV shows I’m excited about watching as the year progresses. The first two premiere next month, and the last one premieres at a later date.

Take a look at my top 3 now.

Choi Si Won’s “My Fellow Citizens”

This KBS2 comedy/crime show is self-explanatory with its recent trailer on Kocowa. Check out the action-packed preview for the series, which is scheduled to premiere on April 1st, below.

Ji Soo’s “Because It‚Äôs My First Love” (April 18, 2019)

Discovering the meaning of love for the very first time is what 5 people in their 20s encounter in this Netflix series. They also promise to form irreplaceable friendship bonds and start dreaming big for their future.

Kim So Hyun’s “Love Alarm” (2019)

Can you imagine an app telling you if your secret crush likes you back? This fun NetFlix series is all about a rookie developer who creates a special app that can do just that. Of course, Kim So Hyun will be caught up in a coveted love triangle with actors Jung Ga Ram and Song Kang.

I’m looking forward to the coming months!

Image Credit: Kim So Hyun’s Instagram

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Mena Massoud Shares Impressive BTS Magazine Photos

Image Credit: Mena Massoud’s Instagram

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Kendrick Bros’ “Overcomer” Review Coming This Spring

This August, the Kendrick Brothers will release the follow-up film to their 2015 box office hit “War Room”, and that movie is¬† “Overcomer”. It promises to inspire moviegoers with the story of a struggling coach and a young runner conquering obstacles. Little known fact, author Chris Fabry teamed up with Kendrick Bros. LLC to create the brand new novel scheduled to be released before the film. BTSCelebs plans to read the book behind the moving film this Spring and deliver¬†a complete review!

Stay tuned in the coming months for my honest opinion of the story everyone is highly anticipating this year.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the photo and review copy.*

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Arirang Radio Evolving

Isak and Eddy Oh

A couple of months ago, I gushed about the must-hear radio programs on Arirang Radio. Unfortunately, those two shows abruptly ended their run weeks later. It seems Arirang periodically changes their line-up drastically to keep listeners on their toes. Concrete recommendations are very hard to give. I highly suggest searching through the current  list of programming and their weekly segments to see what interests you the most.

Last week, I returned to Isak‘s “K-Poppin” to listen to TMA with Eddy (which airs every Friday at 1pm KST). I’m still a big fan of those advice segments with a hint of “Dear Abby”. I look forward to more DJs offering this to listeners in the future.

Photo Credit: Arirang Radio


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Jennifer Hudson Shares Celeb Filled Photo Featuring Mariah Carey, Taraji P Henson

Photo Credit: Jennifer Hudson’s Instagram

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Dance Review: The Joffrey Ballet‚Äôs ‚ÄúWinning Works 2019″

“Winning Works 2019” Joffrey Academy Trainees and Studio Company (LINEAS_by Edgar Zendejas) Photo by Cheryl Mann

Winning Works” gets more refined year after year!

This year, exceptional choreographers Edgar Zendejas, Tommie-Waheed Evans, Xiang Xu and Marissa Osato brought their ingenious art to the Chicago stage. Loving and accepting yourself seemed to be the message resonating in different ways in each piece. “Lineas” (Zendejas), “Coup De Grace” (Evans) and “Give The People What They Want” (Osato) illustrated the struggle to overcome society’s limitations placed on everyone and discover your own path. “Vessels Bearing” (Xu), on the other hand, gave the audience a chance to appreciate the necessity of rice itself through a haunting performance.

I believe the dancers did an incredible job conveying the raw emotions in each piece. Their teamwork was phenomenal! The stand out performances this year were “Lineas” and “Give The People What They Want”. “Lineas” used the simple idea of lines to tell the story of people following certain directions in life. I liked the bright outfits and idiosyncratic dance moves. “Give The People What They Want” started off strong with a fun fashion show. It slowly explored the need to break out of society’s strict life rules and ponder the life meant for you. This particular piece opened my eyes as well. Again, I loved the chic ensembles the dancers wore.

“Winning Works 2019” Marin Soki (GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT by Marissa Osato) Photo by Cheryl Mann

The attire in each performance was stunning. This is “Winning Works” BEST year when it came to choreography and clothing (costume designers Martha Chamberlain, Luis Razo and Michael Slack). Congratulations once again to the choreographers on their thought-provoking and entertaining dances.

9th Annual “Winning Works” runs through March 10th at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

*A Special Thanks to The Silverman Group and The Joffrey Ballet for the press passes*

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[Interview] 8 Questions with Courtn√® Alyssa Moran

Rising talent Courtn√® Alyssa Moran is on the move and ready to achieve her dreams! The active actress and dancer traveled from her southern home to one of America’s biggest cities to perfect her craft. Along the way, Courtn√® realized¬†that she could pursue two of her life’s passions (acting and dancing) right here in Chicago.

Check out BTSCelebs’ exclusive interview with her now.

BTSCelebs: Who is Courtne Alyssa? 

Courtn√® Alyssa Moran: Courtn√® Alyssa is an American actress and dancer. Most known for her work in ‘Burnt Year’, ‘The Girl on the Bridge’, and ‘Ghost Finder’.

What sparked your interest in acting and ballet?

I‚Äôve always just loved storytelling. I loved dancing even before I‚Äôd ever even seen ballet, and I loved portraying a character long before I even thought of the idea of ‘acting’. It has always just been something that has been inside me.

My favorite thing about ballet is the expression and being able to portray different emotions and characters, which directly ties into my love of acting. I love showing real and genuine human connection and emotion, and making people feel something.

Tell us what lead you to leave your home in Kansas and move to Chicago? 

Actually, before I moved to Chicago, I moved to Mississippi! I moved from Kansas to Mississippi for ballet school, then from Mississippi to Chicago for a traineeship with a professional company. It was while I was in Chicago that I realized I could actually pursue a career in acting as well! Growing up in a farm town in Kansas, being an actor wasn’t ever something that seemed at all possible. So when I moved to Chicago and actually met and saw people who were pursuing that career path my whole world changed, and I immediately knew that was what I wanted to do.

You have a new movie called ‘A Taste of Change ‘.¬† Please tell us more about the film and your role in it.¬†

‘A Taste of Change’ is a beautifully written film that deals with the sudden death of a loved one and the incredible pain of the grieving process. My character, Lena, is a complex and deeply hurting individual who unknowingly enters someone else‚Äôs life at just the right time.

Describe a typical day for you on the filming set.

Call time is usually pretty early in the morning. The first thing I do when I get to set is check in with production, then go to hair and makeup. After I get all prettied up, I go to wardrobe where I get changed into the first outfit of the day. We have a call sheet so we know what scenes we are shooting and in what order. So after I get changed, I usually go over the first scene by myself or with whoever is in the scene with me while the crew sets up the shot. We do a rehearsal, and then we shoot the scene multiple times, usually getting some feedback or further instruction from the director. When we wrap a scene, we may change location and/or wardrobe and makeup and then we start all over again. And if I’m not shooting a scene, odds are you can find me at the crafty table haha!

Is being a ballet dancer everything you expected it to be? 

Dancing wise – yes pretty much, but the company aspect… not really. I‚Äôm very thankful to be with the company I am contracted with. I‚Äôve come to realize that your experience as a professional ballet dancer differs greatly depending on the company environment you are in. I never really thought about that aspect of it before. Enjoying the people you are with and being in a positive environment where your peers encourage you VS a very divided, manipulative, competitive, depressing, and unhealthy environment (think the movie ‘Black Swan’). I‚Äôm very thankful I ended up in a great company, because companies that are the latter description are actually quite common.

Is it as glamorous behind the scenes as on-stage?

Absolutely not. Ha. You definitely have to love what you are doing. The daily grind is very hard on you both mentally and physically (hence why a professional ballet dancers career is so short). Aside from the incredible stress ballet puts on your body, the rigors of learning and executing choreography and being on your mark in your spacing, on the right timing, all the way down to making sure your head is on exactly the correct angle. The challenge of seeing yourself in the mirror everyday, and it actually being your job to pick apart and critique yourself, seeing of all the flaws and imperfections and trying to improve them, is very draining.

What advice would you give to rookie ballet dancers?

A professional career isn’t for everyone. You really have to love it and have a thick skin. There is no shame in dancing for recreation instead of making it a career. But if it is absolutely what you want to do, go for it with all you got and give it 110%. You have to be extremely passionate. And make sure you really take care of yourself, physically as well as mentally.

Learn more about Courtnè by following her on Instagram (@courtnealyssamoran).

BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Courtnè Alyssa Moran for the interview and images.




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