Hairspray’s Dove Cameron and Jennifer Hudson Take a Birthday Selfie


Jennifer Hudson Instagrammed: “Happy 21st bday @dovecameron i love u, I do!”

*All rights to the image and quote belongs to Jennifer Hudson.*

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BTSCelebs to Review Regina Jennings’ “For The Record”


The next book on BTSCelebs‘ reading list is Regina Jennings’ “For The Record”. I’m currently on chapter 24 of the historical fiction tale about a lady secretly writing stories about the new deputy in town. Even though it’s interesting to read about the tales she creates for her columns, the book is mostly about life in Pine Gap.

Stay tuned for the complete review soon!

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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Moriah Peters’ Movie Gets A New Name


The movie Mrs. Smallbone teased us about in 2015 is finally coming to theaters this year!

Today, her co-star Chris Massoglia announced in a video on social media that “Grace Wins” has officially changed its name to” Because of Gracia”. The family-friendly film promises to place an emphasis on God’s grace impacting Christians’ lives.

Click Here to see the official video announcement.

“Because of Gracia” opens in theaters this Spring.

*All rights to the image and info belongs to Pure Flix and Fivestones Films.*

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Alexander Eusebio Shares Delicious Winter Meals


Xander is making everyone hungry!

K-Poppin‘s “To Be Honest” co-host  is already enjoying good eats in 2017. Even though he dined alone, Alexander didn’t let that stop him from having a ball with his fandom. The singer and actor recently shared photos of his appetizing meals via Instagram.

Check out his snapshots and captions below:


“Spinach fettuccine with beef.🍴This is how live-alone men eat.🙄 Ain’t nobody got time for plating. It looks bad but well it’s yummy.☺️ I always accidentally cook too much… Wanna join me? #Xander #DiningAlone #SpinachFettuccine #beef #CantLiveWithoutMeet”


“Having dinner alone in one of my favorite places with good memories.😊 When I first came to Korea, being a collective society, people here used to think that it’s weird of me to eat alone. But recently ‘eating/drinking alone’ has become common in Korea due to the changing society. Now I won’t be a weirdo anymore~😌 Bon appetit! #Xander #ButterfingerPancakes #DiningAlone #habit #ImNotAlone #ImWithMyself #WhyIsMyselfSoHot”

All rights to the images and quotes belongs to Alexander Eusebio.

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Mandy Moore Shares A Behind-The-Scenes Photo from The “This Is Us” Set


Mandy Moore tweets, “Headed back to work on episode 15 (already!) tomorrow. Can’t wait to pick up where we left off. #thisisus”

*All rights to the image and quote belongs to Mandy Moore.*

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Year of Chicago K-Pop: GOT7, B1A4 and BTS



The K-Pop party starts on January 25th!

While I’m still counting down the days until SHINee makes their grand return to Chi-town, three other popular groups are anxious to greet their Midwestern fandoms again. GOT7, B1A4 and BTS all have exciting fanmeetings or concerts scheduled to take place in the Chicagoland area starting this month! Whether its been a few months or years since their last visit, these K-Pop acts are ready to entertain us once again.

Check out the posters (poster excerpts) promoting their highly anticipated events below:







All rights to the photos belongs to Singles, SubKulture Entertainment and Powerhouse.

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Netflix Hints at Another Season of Gilmore Girls


Is Gilmore Girls getting renewed?

Netflix is taking us way back with a nostalgic GG message. If you remember the good ole days when April used a eighth grade science fair to reveal her father’s identity, then Netflix’s recent tweet should hit home with you.

The popular online streaming site shared the photo above and this message on Twitter, “Where’s an eighth grade science fair when you need one? #GilmoreGirls”

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping it’s Logan! He is a show veteran, and it’s only fair that he be the dad. No one knows who the other two characters really are anyway.

*All rights to the image and quote belongs to Netflix and Warner Bros.*

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