DR Gives Us the BTS – Part Two

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived! BTSCelebs brings you part two of our in-depth interview with DR.
He discusses the pros and cons of songwriting/producing, the music producing process, his interest in international music genres and his current dating status.
BTSCelebs: What are the pros and cons of songwriting/producing? 
DR: The business of writing and producing can be really tough for someone to break in, especially at a high level like with major artists and major record labels.  My simple answer is the hard part about it is how long it takes, how much work goes into it, how many rejections you have to take before getting even one yes and the fact that you don’t even get paid that much if at all when you’re struggling to make it as a songwriter or producer.  The great part is when you finally have a few hit records or you start to break into the industry at a high level, all the challenges, rejections and uphill battles you fought when you were trying to make it become completely worth it.  Of course one of the best things about songwriting/production is the fact that I am blessed to get to do what I love for a living and I never take that for granted. 
With the growing popularity of Nigerian artists outside of Africa, will you venture into African music markets?
Not many people out there know that I was actually born in Kenya, Africa, before my family moved to North America when I was really young.  I already have a taste of African music in my system.  I do believe that one should develop their talents and creative expression to a level that is outstanding for what they do.  While I can appreciate Nigerian music or traditional African music or any world music for that matter I know that’s not my forte.  There are people who are amazing at writing and producing certain genres and styles of music out there that I might also be good at if that was my calling, but it’s not.  I’ve already realized what drives me to write and produce along with what I’m good at, so I stick to that and try to develop that further instead of dive into other genres and styles that are foreign to me.  I always, however,  leave the seed of opportunity planted so if there was ever an African music project that came my way for some reason and it felt right, why not?
What is the approximate time frame for lyrics to be put to music?

This could vary in so many ways.  There’s no approximate time.  You could have a song written for a male and then a female artist picks it up and you have to rewrite with a female perspective in mind.  Sometimes you have to change the whole song because it went to a completely different artist or project.  Sometimes you write for an artist and they only want a few changes on the song to fit the project.  Sometimes they want exactly what you write with no changes.  Even past that you may write and rewrite several times just because you’re personally not happy with certain parts of a song.  Sometimes you can write a song in a couple of hours, sometimes a few days, sometimes after editing and rewriting one song could take months.  Sometimes you can co-write with different writers and that is a completely different time span again.  What I find to be a good consistent trend is to go into a writing and production session knowing that you will finish writing a song by the end of that session.  Sometimes it flows really fast and you’re done in a few hours, and sometimes you’re there for the whole day.  Consistent professionals are usually really fast at cutting a song.

Do you have a girlfriend?

At the moment no girlfriend.  I’m single 😉

We hope you find that lucky lady soon! BTSCelebs would like to sincerely thank DR for the exclusive interview.

Image Source: All rights to the photo belong to DR

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