Mnet VJ Chrissa Villanueva “Pop”s in on BTSCelebs’ Interview – Part Two

Merry Christmas!

The moment you have been waiting for is here. Below is the final installment of our holiday interview sessions! This is the conclusion of BTSCelebs’ in-depth interview with Chrissa Villanueva…….

What was Chrissa’s first job….  her major in college? What about her K-pop crush and the ideal K-pop artist she would want to share the VJ stage with…. the answers to those questions and more are below!

BTSCelebs: What was your first job?

Chrissa: Well, my first “JOB-job” would have to be working at my local movie theatre. The perks of the job were working with my best friend, wearing a hair bow all the time, and singing to my customers to win employee contests. Prior to that, I worked at a costume warehouse where I would repair costumes and help make costumes for musical productions. I never considered it a job because I loved working with my friends and working on costumes. My first acting job EVER would have to be “Make It or Break It” on ABC Family. It was a small role, but it was such a fun show to do! Although I hope to get more acting roles in the future, I love working on “Hello Pop”!

What was your major in college?

In college, I was a Music Major studying Classical Voice. I come from a strong musical theatre background. During my first week as a freshman, I auditioned for their “Music Theatre” class (which happened to be Opera Production, oops). One thing led to another and I started studying classical voice and participating in the opera program. Everything worked out wonderfully for me,  and I wouldn’t trade my training/experience for the the world. It has definitely shaped me into the performer I am today.

Who is your celebrity crush in K-pop and in any other country?

That’s a tough question because their are so many!!! TOP of Big Bang was my K-pop crush because of his style and the way he carries himself on stage when he performs. Although… after seeing Si Won of Super Junior at MAMA I almost had to change my answer! I’m just stuck in a pickle!

If you had the chance to co-VJ with any K-pop singer, who would it be and why?

If I had the chance to co-VJ with any K-pop artist, it would have to be Dynamic Duo. I had to chance to meet Choiza and Gaeko at MAMA and they are a fun pair of dudes! Our personalities seem to match well with each, and hosting a show or event with them would be such a blast! I’d be worried about getting the job done though. Tons of silliness and laughter would ensue! That’s not such a bad thing because it would mean that we’re having an awesome!

We send a  Special Thanks to Chrissa and  Hannah at Mnet for the wonderful “holiday” interview. 

All rights to the images belong to CJ E&M, Mnet and Chrissa Villanueva

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