Jun Areia: “[Areia Remix] Became The Most Subscribed KPop Remake Brand Online”

BTSCelebs: Please introduce yourself to BTSCelebs readers:

Jun Areia: My name is Jun Areia. I’m a songwriter, sound designer and producer for Korean Pop music. I moved to Seoul in 2010 where after learning the language for a year, I work as a freelancer with various companies.

How did you become a music producer?
I have been making music since the late 90s with several albums released with me as an indie artist. During those days, I developed an understanding of sound design, arrangement and vocals. Also, I wrote a large number of songs, lyrics and engineered for several indie artists. After completing my degree in Audio Technology, I realized that engineering is half of the recipe and musical knowledge is a must. So my efforts turned into studying music theory and harmonization,as well as, learning how to play the piano and guitar. During my second degree (this time in Video Games Development), I felt something was lacking from all those Kpop songs. I wanted to watch those music videos and the idols under stronger and sexier beats. That’s when I started writing new music for popular kpop songs. The name was “areia remix” and it became the most subscribed kpop remake brand online. I started releasing its real potential only a year ago and therefore I made the choice to give it a serious go and here I am today.

You’re from Greece, what is the music industry like in your country?
Greece has a traditional connection with music and it’s a fundamental need rather than pop culture. Singers are worshipped for their beauty as everywhere else but singing is the most important element rather than dancing or looks.

Debut ages are also different than Korea as most singers start in their late 20s and can go on for several decades. Songs with deep lyrics can also become as popular as simpler songs.
The production budgets though don’t come anywhere near Korea. Unfortunately, there is a lot of musical and engineering talent going to waste.

Who is your favorite  Greek recording artist?
I grew up on trance and rave music and I had to contrast that somehow so all my favourite Greek artists were rock bands with deep lyrics. Such bands include “Diafana Krina” and “Ksilina Spathia”.

What sparked your interest in K-Pop?

I was already into Japanese Pop (Jpop) since 2001 and it was about the time that Lee Hyori’s 10 minutes was out that I started liking and observing K-Pop. Chae Yeon’s “Two of us” and later Wonder Girl’s “Tell Me” where some of the first songs that captivated my interested.

How did your working relationship with Trophy Entertainment begin?
In any kind of career the most important thing is gaining the understanding of how it works. While I’ve been pushing myself for better and better works, I was lacking a specific part of that understanding. Those days I had a chat with [f(x)’s]Electric Shock’s composers and they have gave me some important insights that included exactly that missing part. When Trophy contacted me requesting some samples I knew exactly what to send and the next day I was there meeting the CEO and I was assigned some work.

Next week, Areia will tell us what K-Pop hits he is currently working on, walk us thru the recording process and much more!

*A Special Thanks to Jun Areia for the interview and photos*

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