F(x)’s Production Team “Future Presidents” Electric Shocks BTSCelebs

Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” may be all the rave right now, but “Electric Shock” took Asia by storm this summer!

SM Entertainment‘s resident five member girl group f(x) returned to the K-Pop music scene this summer with their Asian hit “Electric Shock”.

The production team (from The Netherlands) behind the catchy tune recently spoke with BTSCelebs about their work on the girls’ album. Next week, you can read their responses to the following questions:

How did you get your start in the music industry?
What made you choose the K-pop industry to work in?
How did you get the opportunity to work with SM Entertainment on f(x)’s album?
Walk us thru the recording and production process of the single “Electric Shock”:
From the time you recorded the demo to the finished product, how long did it take to complete “Electric Shock”?
Is there a tour planned? Any places f(x) plans to stop?
Does this have any relation to “Electric Lights”?  **
Is it a revamped or remixed version of “Electric Lights?”Do they have any plans for a full album, if any? **

You can’t wait that long?

Ok, here is one question and response to get you thru the week:

BTSCelebs: How did you get the opportunity to work with SM Entertainment on f(x)’s album?

Future Presidents: Our publisher already had several successes with SM placing songs and he sent Electric Shock there about two years ago after we had just written it. We didn’t hear anything regarding the song until a couple of months back when SM let us know they wanted F(x) to record it.

A Special Thanks to Future Presidents for the quote and photo

**A BTS Thanks to BTSCelebs Team Member Kevin for his interview questions**

All rights to the video belong to SM Entertainment, Future Presidents and f(x)
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