Catherine Davis: “We Can Advocate for Abstinence Until Marriage and Adoption”

BTSCelebs: The father is not always missing in action, why don’t some of the fathers step up to the plate or encourage them to give up their babies for adoption?

Catherine Davis: This question assumes the father even knew the woman was pregnant. 80% of the abortions occur in the first trimester and the woman has no obligation to tell the father of her decision. At the same time the culture has so embedded abortion as a woman’s right, some men do encourage its use as a convenient method of birth control. Nothing is more heartbreaking though, than that man that did step up to the plate and encouraged the woman to have the child, but the woman “chose” to terminate its life anyway.

Do you think race or income level plays a factor?

Race is absolutely a factor in abortion. More than 80% of abortion centers are located in urban areas where blacks and other minorities reside. Some physicians have confessed they don’t want “ugly black babies” on the taxpayers dime , assuming all if not most of those seeking abortion are black and poor. As Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg informed us in her 2009 New York Times interview, there was concern about population control when Roe v. Wade was decided, particularly “populations we don’t want too many of”.  What population is that? We need look no further than Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project.


What can we do to encourage the women to keep their babies and give them a loving home?

We can sound the alarm that abortion is being used as the primary instrument to control the birth rates of those America’s elite consider unworthy of life. We can advocate against the unfettered sexual activity abortionists promote in order to increase the chances of pregnancy so their multi-billion dollar industry can continue to thrive. We can advocate for abstinence until marriage and adoption. We can provide assistance to the woman such as is provided through pregnancy resource centers across America.

For more about Ms. Davis and her fight against abortion check out the following links:

*A Special Thanks to Catherine Davis and Lori of Biscuit Media Group for the image

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