Miley Cyrus & Debby Ryan in the Studio in Mexico

Miley: "just ME & myyyyy Beanzzz"

Miley: “just ME & myyyyy Beanzzz”

Disney stars are working and playing hard.

Former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus has been entrancing the world with her shocking new hairdos and her handsome husband-to-be, Liam Hemsworth, but now Miley Time has returned. The singer/actress tweeted an image of herself in the recording studio on January 7th.

Miley: “guesssss where iiiii am??? #gooooo”


“Jessie” star Debby Ryan shared via Twitter/Instagram that she is having a ball in Mexico. Following her debut on Disney Channel’s  “Suite Life on Deck” and her starring role on “Jessie”, Debby decided it was time for a vacation south of the border.


She shared the following caption to accompany her vacation image:

“Actual fiesta situation happening in the penthouse suite. #ThisIsWhyWeCantHaveNiceThings”

Click Here to view her image on Instagram

2013 is officially the year of the starlets!

All rights to the images and quotes belong to Miley Cyrus and Debby Ryan.

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