Ozzie Guillen Was The Matchmaker for Kenny Williams, Fiancee

Kenny Williams&ZoraidaSambolin-20130206

“Yes it is a ring on my finger. Kenny and I were engaged on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the happy wishes,” states Zoraida Sambolin on Facebook.

Executive Vice President of the White Sox Kenny Williams is currently engaged to Zoraida Sambolin. The CNN Early Start anchor spilled the beans to Sports Divas Inc about Ozzie Guillen being their indirect matchmaker.

“We started dating after he returned from spring training (in Arizona) in April of 2010 after many long hours on the phone… Ironically, we can thank Ozzie [ former manager for the Chicago White Sox] for the introduction. We met at Ozzie’s Salsa and Stars event in Chicago, which I was hosting.”

To date, the wedding date has not been disclosed.

Congratulations to Kenny and Zoraida and good job Ozzie!

All rights to the image and quote belongs to  Zoraida Sambolin and Sports Divas Inc.

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