Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunites with Director in Seoul

Arnold SchwarzeneggerSeoul_KimJiWoon_20130219

He came back!

Arnold Schwarzenegger landed in Seoul, South Korea yesterday to promote his new movie “The Last Stand”. The first order of business in the country was to meet his movie’s director Kim Ji-woon.

Schwarzenegger paid him a visit on the set of the short film “Hide & Seek“. Kim was directing the upcoming 10 min. film and he was overjoyed to see the former California governor and actor. Schwarzenegger even wore a stylish skull ring ( you can see it circled in the image above).

You can view more images of the two men reconnecting since the “Last Stand” below.

All rights to the images and info belongs to Sport Korea (2), Star News and Hankyung.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerSeoul_20130219Arnold SchwarzeneggerSeoul_KimJiWoon_20130219-2Arnold SchwarzeneggerSeoul_KimJiWoon_20130219-3

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