Chicago Artist Vanessa Navarrete Talks to BTSCelebs


BTSCelebs: Who inspired you to become an artist?

Vanessa Navarrete: My inspiration to be an artist is based on my need to translate my passion into something physical and permanent… create harmony and beauty out of what I perceive as chaos in life.  It is my consolation and catharsis. 

What type of art do you create?

I make abstract expressionist oil paintings.

What materials do you use in your artwork?


I primarily use oil on canvas and wood panel, but I also like to experiment with collage, molding paste, and metallic paints.

How long does it take to make one piece?

The duration of each piece varies widely from a single day to several months depending on the size and other variables during the creation.

If there was one celebrity you would want to adorn their walls with your art, who would it be and why?


I’m not into contemporary mass culture and prefer the silent stars of the 1920s.  I would have liked the modern dance pioneer and choreographer Martha Graham to have owned one of my pieces.  Her work and life are a great inspiration to me.

Which motion picture production (TV series or movie) would you love to showcase your work in their films?

I would like my work to be showcased in a serious documentary about contemporary art.

What do you want people to experience thru your art?

I would like to help put people in touch with the infinite, to dream more and feel the stirrings of their own vitality springing to life……to transcend the moment and perhaps see through the layers of reality.  I want to be part of the glory of what it is to be human, a source of beauty and inspiration.

Please tell us your artistic plans for 2013-2014:

I am currently working on a large series of miniature oil paintings on panel.  It is to be a collection of vivid daydreams.


Learn more about Artist Vanessa Navarrete by visiting her official website:

*A Special Thanks to Vanessa Navarrete for the Interview and Artwork Images*

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