Pumashock to Debut as K-Pop Idol


Another American will take over the K-pop scene!

My 2010 interview guest for PopSeoul, Pumashock, has signed with a label and will make her debut in the South Korean music industry.

Her boss and Billboard Entertainment Group LLC founder (Niddy) told Hello KPop the following in an interview:

“… Billboard Entertainment Group LLC, has signed the first female African American K-Pop artist in the world, commonly known as the Queen of K-Pop Covers. She is Pumashock (aka Natalie White). She’s the only African American female K-Pop cover artist to appear on the Korean television show Star King and others. I think she going to make a huge impact on K-Pop.”

24-7kpop.com disclosed that info about her debut and promotional activities will be revealed this June.

BTSCelebs congratulates this talented lady and looks forward to her successful career in K-Pop.

All rights to quote belongs to Niddy and HelloKpop.com.

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