Bears’ Brandon Marshall Shares Wife’s New Hairstyle


The draft is over and its time to spend quality time with the family!

This off-season, Chicago Bearswide receiver Brandon Marshall is attending Bulls’ games and hanging out with the wifey, Michi. He gushed about his feelings for his love via Twitter and helped her debut a new hairstyle.


“I’m in love with that girl….so don’t be mad at me.”

Apparently, he is staying up-to-date with Bears’ business too. He tweeted this photo and caption with his team’s 1st round pick Kyle Long:


“Man look who I ran into. Our newest member of the team. @Ky1eLong can’t wait to suit up with you bro. #BearDown”

You can see Brandon play this fall with the Bears! Click Here to view their schedule.

All rights to the images and quotes belong to Brandon Marshall.

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