Priyanka Chopra Celebrates “Exotic” and Ramadan Mubarak


Yesterday, Miss Chopra released her “Exotic” single and it has already risen to the top of the music chart! According to the celeb’s official Twitter account, her new single (featuring Pitball), is #1 on India’s iTunes chart.

Now, I haven’t heard the complete song, but I can imagine this track is not for the kiddies. They are probably leaning towards a more adult focused genre.

In other news, she is celebrating an Eastern holiday! Today, Priyanka tweeted the following message:

“Ramadan Mubarak everyone.. May this auspicious time lead us to peace and happiness.. Lets be grateful for all that we have..”

Congrats to the two celebs for topping the chart!

All rights to the image belongs to Priyanka Chopra and Pitball.

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