2013 Training Camp: Endurance Drives the Chicago Bears

MarcTrestman-20130807 (2)

Injuries will never get them down!

The Bears persevered thru the sizzling sun, soaring temps and ailments today at Training Camp. Nonetheless, they are intense in their desire to win this season and keep the kiddies happy.


Mr. Personality Brandon Marshall embraced the essence of  Youth Football Day with both hands as he autographed a football for a young fan during the team’s warm-up period. Football and fans seemed to be his favorite pair and his kind gestured resonated with the 18 and under crowd.


After viewing the majority of the practice (behind the players), I can honestly say the Bears’ hibernation has successfully toned and slimmed down the team. Whether diet or determination is driving their daily quest for the Superbowl title, BTSCelebs believes their hard work will pay off in the end.



**A Special Thanks to Mike Corbo and the Chicago Bears for the training camp invitation.**

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