BTSCelebs’ Opinion : Love Affair with ABC’s “Scandal” ?


Women deserve to be successful, but is this the BEST way?

ABC’s “Scandal” has hypnotized viewers across the world. People of all nationalities have fallen in love with the powerful and successful Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington). However, BTSCelebs is not entirely happy with the whole series’ scenario.

Granted, I have never viewed an episode of the show so I’m objectively discussing the purpose of the show. I believe that Olivia can be an even better main character without her affair with the president. It’s upsetting to see a positive example of successful woman lower herself to be apart of a adulterous affair with a man representing the highest career in America.

As an American, I think anything that discusses the topic of the First family (real or fiction). needs to be treated with respect.

I have no idea how the viewers dismiss the little things that matter the most. BTSCelebs feels “Scandal” can be a moving program with some elements removed.


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