“Divergent “Sequel Fantasy Couples: “Insurgent” Pairs KeKe Palmer, Michael B Jordan, Kim Woo Bin, Amber Liu and More

Who wants to cast “Insurgent”?

The sequel to the blockbuster sci-fi cult film “Divergent” begins filming this May. Even though everyone has already fallen in love with Shailene and Theo, I thought it would be fun to pair up other talented stars in America and overseas.

Hey, the current stars are an American and a Brit.

Check out BTSCelebs’ fantasy couples for “Insurgent”

Keke Palmer and Michael B Jordan

Credit: Keke Palmer's Official Twitter

Credit: Keke Palmer’s Official Twitter

Credit: Michael B Jordan's Official Facebook

Credit: Michael B Jordan’s Official Facebook


 Scarlett Johansson and Chad Michael Murray

Credit: Avenger's Facebook

Credit: Avenger’s Facebook

Credit: Left Behind movie's Facebook

Credit: Left Behind movie’s Facebook

Asian Version

f(x)’s Amber and Kim Woo Bin

Credit: Amber's Official Twitter

Credit: Amber’s Official Twitter

Credit: SBS

Credit: SBS

I don’t know about you, but I would love to see all of these stars in a version of the hot franchise’s series.

When can they sign up?

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