plus ONE Reunites for New Song “My All”

My favorite boy band of all time, plus ONE, returns to the music scene with an all new single titled “My All”. Jason Perry, Nathan Walters and Gabe Combs are back with a free song download of the brand new single.

Nathan announced the great news via Facebook today.


All rights to the video,  info, and image belongs to plus ONE and First Company Management.

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9 Responses to plus ONE Reunites for New Song “My All”

  1. david palacios says:

    i was wondering when will you guys record a new studio album?

  2. it’s me again love the song from the promise album called when your spirit gets weak and so curious about you guys making a music video with the same sound in the album the promise because it’s my number one song followed by last flight out, written on my heart, and here in my heart.

  3. BTSCelebs says:

    Hi David, “The Promise” was such a good album. My all time +1 favorites have to be “My Life”, “Use Me”, “Kick Me When I’m Down”. Their first two albums were the best.

  4. i forgot one more thing i have great desire for nate cole to return and i don’t know about jeremy mhire it’s up to him but he still looks cool.

  5. hi plus one it’s david again i heard your new song “my all” and sounds great and should be a hit single.

  6. Hi +1 David here, are you planning on making it to the gma awards.Happy 4th of July.

  7. Plus One,record albums every 2-3 years because you deserve better music ratings especially music video hits no offense to the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. †1>BSB&N’Sync.

  8. david palacios says:

    high plus one, are you finished recording and/or have you made an official date release.

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