Moriah Peters Has Europe Withdraws


Moriah wants to see more of our fellow Western neighbors!

For the last two weeks, Joel Smallbone and his wife, Moriah Peters, traveled all over Germany, Poland, Switzerland, U.K., Denmark and Netherlands for a short music tour. Today, the “Brave” singer talked about her Europe withdraws and upcoming live shows in Norway and Sweden.

Moriah via Instagram: “Day 1 back in the U.S. & I’m already having Europe withdraws😭 #teamBRAVE Norway/Sweden, my #fiercefemaleband & I are brining you live music July 7-11! #savethedates”

Click Here to check out her video.

Also, check out a couple of updates from her recent sightseeing trip:


“This is Swiss bliss! Love discovering the people, castles & cathedrals of #Switzerland”

“The work of those who fight selflessly for the health of humanity will last eternally…what I learned as guest of a thousand-year-old house that has hosted global leaders for peace conferences. #England”

It’s great to see her traveling the world, but I would love for her and hubby to drop by the Chicago area for a couple of shows too. #TheSmallbonesinChicago should be fans’ 2016-2017 goals!

All rights to the images and quotes belongs to Moriah Peters and Joel Smallbone.

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