Stacie Orrico and actor Isaiah Johnson Are Married

Yesterday, I found out that my favorite female CCM artist (Stacie Orrico) from the early 2000s got hitched this summer! Rachael Lampa shared the sweet family photo and the following quote via Instagram.

“The Johnson Family! There are few greater things than watching someone who loves so well, find someone who can continue to fill them so they can keep being the best versions of themselves. Stacie and Isaiah, you are a rare force of nature and I’m blessed to be in your path. I love you and Sol so much! ❤️❤️❤️ #stasaiah”

On July 19, Stacie’s new loving hubby, Isaiah Johnson, uploaded several photos of their picturesque, summer wedding on his Facebook page. The couple and their families were beaming with joy on the special day.

A belated congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!


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9 Responses to Stacie Orrico and actor Isaiah Johnson Are Married

  1. Steve Taylor says:

    Is that Stacie’s baby?

  2. Steve Taylor says:

    So did she have the baby before getting married?

  3. A Wells says:

    Isaiah Johnson is a BEAUTIFUL man.

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