Interview with SF9’s “Fanfare” Songwriters, Albin Nordqvist & Louise Frick-Sveen

Image Credit FNC Entertainment

Image Credit FNC Entertainment

BTSCelebs: How did you get your start in the music industry?

Albin Nordqvist and Louise Frick-Sveen: Both of us went to this school up north in Sweden Called Musikmakarna (“music makers”), where we first came in contact with the industry, and later on our current publisher. Both of us have practiced music since childhood, but this was the start of our professional songwriting career.

How did your working relationship with FNC Entertainment come about? 

Our publisher Scandinavian Songs has a very good relationship with a lot of Korean labels and publishers, it was through them our song got in the hands of FNC Ent.

What inspired you to write “Fanfare”?

I (Albin) had just moved into my new studio and was superhyped about getting started on a new track, in those first fresh hours the instrumental hook and the heavy beat of FANFARE came into existence. I showed it to Louise and she got super excited, and that very same day we finished it as well. Everything went really fast and it all came very natural.

How long did it take to complete the song?

The whole process from idea to a finished demo song took 48hrs. The song was written within 24hrs.

Did you work alongside SF9 in the recording studio?

No, we have done everything in our studios in Stockholm.

Can we look forward to more songs from you in upcoming SF9 albums?

We certainly hope so! We write and produce new music all the time. :-).

Many producers/songwriters attend their singers’ global concerts, do you think SF9 will perform USA in the near future? Which cities would you love to see them stop in? 

We hope they do, and we hope they will visit Europe as well, and particularly Sweden, our home country. There is a K pop following here. Actually “Fanfare” reached top20 on the Swedish iTunes chart!

Now that you have put SF9 on the map, are there any more rookie artists’ careers you would love to jump-start with your songs? 

Of course! It’s really fun to see the passion and energy that rookies offer. Also as with SF9, it’s really fun to see how they have grown and evolved from the earliest clips from Neoz School and D.O.B., to completely slaying the stage with their talent!

* A Special Thanks Peo Nylén, SCANDINAVIAN SONGS AB, Music Cube and  Albin Nordqvist & Louise Frick-Sveen for the exclusive interview.*


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