3 South Korean Singers Poised to be Stiff Competition for BTS

BTS has taken the music industry by storm with their unique music and mesmerizing choreography! It’s only a matter of time before they share the spotlight with another talented act from South Korea. The country is full of gifted musicians, and today I plan to place a spotlight on three chart-topping K-Pop artists who could prove to be stiff competition for BTS in the USA.


The 25 year-old singer and actress continues her award-winning streak with numerous projects. IU, who celebrates a 10-year career anniversary this year, is best known for songs like “Nagging”, Good Day” and “Palette”. In October, she released her first alternative R&B single “Bbibbi” just five months after her cable mini-series “My Mister” ended.

Watch the music video for the single that was streamed over 100 million times.


After debuting a little over two years ago, BLACK PINK has blown music lovers away by releasing a string of hits like “Whistle”, “As If It’s Your Last”, and”Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”. In addition to selling millions of singles, the girl group set YouTube records by earning 100s of millions of views for multiple videos. BLACK PINK recently signed a deal with Interscope Records & UMG to start promoting their music here in the States.

“As If It’s Your Last” is inching its way to half a billion views!


Since 2012,  EXO enjoyed the title as Asia’s number one boy band! They consistently headlined global tours and music festivals. Despite a few members parting ways with the team, they have stayed strong through their hit singles and record album sales. EXO is best known for songs like “Growl”, “Call Me Baby” and “Ko Ko Bop”. Many K-drama and movie fans are well-acquainted with members D.O., Kai, Chanyeol and more as they solidified their successful acting careers.

Watch a dance video for one of their earlier hits “Growl”.

Keep your eye on these singers as the years go by.

All rights to the photo and videos belongs to Big Hit Entertainment, KaKao M, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment.

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