Watch These Kim Hyun Joong K-dramas Anytime at Home

Holiday or weekend, it is always a good time for an entertaining K-drama.  Kim Hyun Joong’s TV programs has delighted and entranced viewers with its wonderful variety over the years. From rom-com to fantasy, here are a few of KHJ’s shows you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

“Boys Over Flowers”

This classic series features four rich young men becoming best friends and unofficial bodyguards for their righteous female classmate. Two of the “flower” boys even start falling for the honorable lady.

“Playful Kiss”

Unrequited love isn’t the end for one high school girl determined to win her crush’s heart. Her topsy tursy road to happily ever after is worth watching over and over.

“When Time Stopped”

Love unexpectedly forms between an average woman and man with the unique ability to stop time. Even when he uses his supernatural power, it doesn’t stop her daily routine.

All of the programs listed above can be streamed on 

Don’t forget to have fun watching all of the singer and actor’s music videos and behind-the-scenes clips via his official YouTube Channel (

Happy viewing!

Photo Credit: Kim Hyun Joong’s Instagram

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