Human Trafficking Awareness Month: Powerful “TRAFFICKED” Film Releases

Credit: Virgil Films

”Awareness is the first step towards putting an end to these atrocities in our world. Trafficked is a heart-pounding feature film reminding us of how urgent this topic is and why we need to act now,” the President of Collide Media Group, Bob Elder, states in an exclusive press release.

Next month is officially Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and the feature-length drama TRAFFICKED: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare is scheduled for a necessary  release on January 26th, 2021. The film, which is directed by Joel Paul Reisig and written by Reisig, George Sunders, and Scott Voshel, is based on real life events.

Here is the description of the upcoming production:

“TRAFFICKED is the story of Allison Riley (Sophie Bolen), a beautiful young girl with a bright future and a dream of becoming a veterinarian. On the eve of her 16th birthday, she sneaks out of her house to meet a handsome boy she met online and disappears. Her parents, Joanna (Kristy Swanson) and Case (Mark Boyd ), contact the police who assume that Allison is just out with a boyfriend. They reluctantly hire Private Investigator John Belton (Dean Cain) who has a reputation for making his own rules. Belton quickly discovers that Allison had likely been trafficked by a handsome young man she met online and that he’s on a race against time if the Rileys hope to see their daughter again.”

Virgil Films is distributing TRAFFICKED: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare,  and it will be available on DVD, Digital HD and all major VOD platforms. Visit the film’s official website to learn more about this cogent project-

A Special Thanks to Collide Media Group for the information. 

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