“FIRST RESPONDERS” Movie Coming To Theaters For A Limited Engagement

You can watch the powerful film “FIRST RESPONDERS” exclusively in theaters on October 24th and 25th, 2022. According to an official press release from Biscuit Media Group, Fathom Events is releasing it to promote healing for our nation’s bravest.

What is the life-changing movie about?

“This inspirational film shares the story of Karen Williams, a trauma therapist who has witnessed firsthand the special courage that shapes those who work in emergency services. But when her husband Mark, a career firefighter, returns from a life-changing blaze, and she discovers that a degree and years of counseling first responders has done little to prepare her for the challenge of helping her husband battle PTSD. Unable to see a path to save her marriage, Karen turns to God and celebrates the truth that through Him all things are possible.”

Writer and Producer Rick Eldridge had this to say about his new project: “We wanted to create a film that not only celebrates the bravery of our first responders, but also gives a very honest look at their struggles. We hope the film can open up conversations that lead to healing, to strengthening marriages, and to enlightening the community at large supporting our local heroes.”

Stephan Schultze serves as the film’s director, and he joins Rick Eldridge and Jimmy Hager on the writing team. Actors Cameron Arnett, Karen Boles and Mari White round out the main cast.

Click Here to learn more about “FIRST RESPONDERS”.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Fathom Events for the info and image.

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