Re-Cap of BTSCelebs Twitter-view with Nancy Loo!

Did you miss our 1PM event on Friday? Don’t worry…..BTSCelebs has you covered!  Experience the entire Twitter-view all over again right now……

BTSCelebs: Welcome to the #BTSCelebs #Twitter-view with Award-winning @WGNTV Reporter/Anchor @Nancyloo…Hi Ms. Loo

What inspired you to join the world of journalism?#BTSCelebs

Nancy Loo: I became a journalist b/c I love words and writing. I still enjoy playing word games like Scrabble & I’m always reading!

I have been avid reader all my life too 🙂

What was your very first job in media? #BTSCelebs

I did an internship at @kezi9 in Oregon. I was hired as a writer when my internship ended. Also ran the teleprompter!

Interesting…. Did you enjoy working @kezi9?

Yes,it was a wonderful station near the U of O. But it’s been decades since I was at @kezi9!

Was it easy to obtain contacts in the field you wanted to pursue with your 1st job? #BTSCelebs

I think EVERY field requires networking in order to find and land jobs. #BTSCelebs

I agree… Did you face any struggles during your career? #BTSCelebs

Nothing I couldn’t overcome.#BTSCelebs

:)…..Currently, what time does a news reporter/anchor start their day? #BTSCelebs

Depends on the show you work on. I get up around 1:30am to prep for @WGNnews at 4:30am.

That is extremely early. You have to be commended for your dedication #BTSCelebs

Please describe a what a typical day is like for you in the office? #BTSCelebs

Currently, I anchor @WGNNews at 4:30 & then report for @WGNMidday. Every day is diff. depending on what I cover. #BTSCelebs

Are all the crew members [Behind-The-Scenes] easy to get along with? #BTSCelebs

Yes, we have an awesome crew at @WGNTV. It’s a fun workplace. #BTSCelebs

That’s great to hear….Would you consider your career choice ur #dream job? #BTSCelebs

Yes, I am blessed to be in an ideal work situation – doing a job I love. #BTSCelebs

We are almost done….two more questions

What advice would you give journalism/media majors aspiring to join the news reporting world? #BTSCelebs

It’s a very competitive field.U have to be passionate about journalism to pursue it. A thick skin helps, too! #BTSCelebs

That is great advice. #BTSCelebs

After this twitter-view, will you become a fan of#BTSCelebs (

Sure! I just have to find the time to check it out now and then. #BTSCelebs

Right now,it’s updated on a weekly basis 🙂 Thank you very much for being apart of #BTSCelebs very first #Twitter-view Ms. Loo…

YSW! All the best to you and your team. #BTSCelebs

All the best to you and the entire @WGNTVcrew….Have a great weekend! #BTSCelebs

I hope you enjoyed BTSCelebs very first Twitter-view! We sincerely thank Ms. Nancy Loo again for her participation.

More BTSCelebs Specials are coming soon in the future…so keep your eye on this site!

Interview conducted on @Kimhyunjoongfan and Retweeted on @ShellyM86-Image Courtesy of Ms. Nancy Loo

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