Tips on K-entertainment Blog Writing

What does it take to be a Kpop Blogger? How can you land a job at your favorite news site? Read on for tips from me……

By now, I think everyone knows I have worked for a number of K-Pop news writing sites. I have had some very different experiences at each one. However, I refuse to bad-mouth or say anything negative about these very reputable sources. I am grateful to each one for giving me the opportunity to be apart of their teams.

I will ,however,give you a little insight on the Editing/Writing job.

1. Make sure you are able to read[understand] and translate Korean. The majority of the top sites want you to be able to translate on your own. If you check around, some sites will go easy on you,but the best thing to do is to enroll yourself in a class and learn how to read and understand the language ASAP.

2. Have formal training in writing. By formal I mean college, or a school paper. I wrote tons of college papers (and graduated) before I applied to any of the sites above.

3. Be an avid reader! I read (American) novels constantly while growing up. If you are able to read on a regular basis it helps you with grammar, punctuation and sentence structure in the English language.

4. Follow all the directions given. If your supervisor gives you specific directions to do something, try to follow thru in a timely manner.

5. Have fun!! If you don’t have an interest in your work, you will not enjoy yourself. I love K-entertainment, however, I still need to learn to fall in love with writing as well.

Those are the five most important tips of contributing to any Kpop site. After you narrow everything down, apply  for a writing position everywhere!!! Also, please let them know you got your tips directly from BTSCelebs!!!


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