“The Chicago Code” gets Cancelled!

Well, my hometown’s new FOX TV show is over.

I was filmed in exactly 2 episodes,but I worked on 3. The first was the pilot were I froze outside and had to walk back to holding[for a good number of blocks] in the rain…without an umbrella, toasted in the sun for 10 + hours the second time around for outdoor scenes in August, but the third was the best. It was the shortest day of filming… everyone was so warm and friendly and I was able to stay in a cool air conditioned building[most of the time] on a warm day.

Taking the bitter with the sweet, I will sort of miss the “Code”. It represented Chicago in Hollywood. I’m not saying I agree with all of the subject matters, but it was good to know my hometown was showcased every week on a nationally (and internationally via the web) televised show every week.

Farewell Chicago Code….you will be missed.

We Chicagoans have had our fill of edgy crime dramas…..Hopefully, Hollywod writers will bring a family oriented comedy here in the future.

Image and link sources: FOX Broadcasting Company, 21 Century FOX

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