[Twitter Focus] Check Out @KimHyunJoongFan!

Over the past few months, I have become a huge fan of twitter!

When the tweeting sensation first started, I thought I would never go near the site. However, when I made my first account[and found out it was easier to use than Facebook]….I have been hooked ever since!

Today, I invite you to check out my fan twitter account for Hallyu Star Kim Hyun-joong! My overseas superstar peer is gearing up for his solo debut on June 2nd [MV release] and I thought I would post a quick message about him.

His “Please” music video releases on June 2nd.

He turns 25 on June 6th.

KHJ’s “Break Down” album will be available online June 7th.

The “Break Down” album hits stores all over Asia on June 8th.

For regular updates on KHJ, check out @KimHyunjoongfan on twitter today!

Image Source: @HangtenKorea All rights to the photo belong to Hang Ten

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