Interview Flashback – Go Joo Won

I’ll be starting a short series for the next few weeks called ” Flashback”.

This series will highlight interviews and special articles I covered over the past year.  Today, I will focus on actor/model Go Joo-won.  I had a huge crush on him since the “Bizarre Bunch” drama days.  Last September, I was finally able to ask him questions to learn a little more about the man behind the image. Here is what I found out.

Enjoy “Interview Flashback #1”

The time has come to reveal our exclusive interview with actor/model Go Joo-won! He’s just in time for the holiday too.

Go Joo-won. What movie/drama do you think of when you hear that name?
Your mind should be bombarded with many hit television dramas! Actor/model Go Joo-won(real name Go Young-chul) is one of the best celebrites in the entertainment industry.With his attractive appearance and warm personality, Joo-won is the whole package. He also has a talent for finding the right drama and working hard until it achieves super-stardom. For instance,Joo-won has been apart of KBS’s Resurrection,The Bizarre Bunch, Infamous Chill Sisters,SBS’s The King and I,MBC’s OB&GYN,Kim Soo-ro, as well as many others. This handsome shy guy is the perfect star to invite to your Chuseok table. Recently,POPSEOUL! had the opportunity to interview this attractive and friendly celebrity. You may not be able to spend the holiday with him personally,but you can enjoy our in-depth interview with the multi-talented star.

Now, let’s begin the interview:

What made you decide on a career in acting and what was your debut project?

I debuted in 2003 with a drama called “Punch”. I was a model before I became an actor. While I was working as a model, I took an acting class at the same time. Since I am an introverted person, it was a new challenge for me to express myself through acting. By entering the acting world, you can live through other peoples’ lives.By getting into the character, I came out with expressions and feelings that I didn’t even know existed in me. Everything was just amazing. That’s why I decided to start a career in acting.

Your stage name is Joo-won, is there a special reason you decided to use Joo-won as your stage name? Is there a special meaning behind the name?

When I was starting my career, I  was searching for a suitable stage name. One day, when I was taking shower, I accidentally saw the name Joo-won on the foggy mirror. Maybe it was just an optical illusion, but I believed that it was my destiny.After that, I started to use Joo-won as my stage name.

Do you have any plans to continue your acting career in the US?

Not right now, but I would like to try when given the opportunity.

Which drama genre do you prefer: Historical or Modern?

In my opinion, an actor shouldn’t limit himself to any genre. Since every genre has it owns attraction, I can’t tell you which one I prefer more. Instead of picking a genre, I like work that is filled with humanity. No matter what genre and what era it is, as long as humanity exists, different emotions can be seen. I find that projects that express human emotions warmly is charming to me.

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

It’s difficult for me to pick anyone since there are so many excellent seniors in the field. I am impressed by those actors/actresses who can really get into the character of a story. Since I have a lot more to work on, I will try harder and learn from some great seniors and juniors.

Are you a fan of our entertainment website POPSEOUL? If not, do you think you will be an avidPOPSEOULer after this interview?

After this interview, I will probably become a fan of this website. Thank you for the attention, I really appreciate the interview. I hope we can have another good interview next time.

Thank you Ko Joo-won for this inviting and delightful interview. We look forward to seeing your career extend internationally in the coming years. POPSEOUL! is honored to have you as our next outstanding man to serve in South Korea’s military We wish you all the best in your future career endeavours in the coming years.

For more information about this actor check out his  unofficial US-based fan club from his number one fan in Chicago,IL here

*A Special Thanks to the Open World Entertainment for the interview

Source: You can view my original by clicking here

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