Event Flashback – Wonder Girls & 2PM in Chicago

It’s Kpop time ….again!  Hey, it is my job!

This is the official transcript from the show I reported on last year. It was June 2010 and to be honest ….I wasn’t really a big fan of either one of these groups…..I’m a Shawol. Nonetheless, it was work and surprising I did enjoy myself. These two bands are hard working and talented.

Enough about me, enjoy the coverage all over again below:

The Wonder Girls World Tour made Chi-town cry “2 Different Tears” of joy!

It was raining in Chicago, Illinois, June 8th, and the Wonder Girls/2pm saved their best for us.

It was more than “So Hot“! The Wonder Girls are amazingly wonderful! They won over all the hearts of the sold out crowd in America’s windy city. The concert started with the sexy guys from the Beasthood performing  “Without U“.  They nailed every one of their well-choreographed and appealing dance moves.  You could tell 2pm does not play when it comes to work. They performed a set of four songs with fans roaring in cheers through every number. They made our “Heartbeat” Again and Again“!  It is impossible not to love these adorable and sexy gentlemen. It was 100 degrees hotter when they left the stage.

*Note to all Hottests:  Please, see 2pm in person. They are 10 times more gorgeous in person than in any poster you will ever see!  By the way, Chan-sung and Woo-young look healthy and strong after the recent battles with their health.  (Chan-sung had gastric flu andWoo-young has throat nodules). I hope they are felt “10 points out of 10“.

Next, was your wonderfully amazing Wonder Girls! 

POPSEOUL had the chance to sit down and do a one-on-one interview with the number one leading ladies of JYPE. The Wonder Girls are just as sweet and lovely in person as they are on screen. Before we get to the interview, here is a little information about their stage performance.

They hit the stage with well-loved American hits as well as their own personal songs. From their sultry remixed “Nobody” on musical chairs to their angelic ballad, the girls were a hit from start to finish! The highlights of the show were the “senorita” version of Destiny’s Child’s  “Survivor” and Hae-lim and So-hee‘s solo dance numbers. Hae-lim introduced herself as the newest Wonder Girlwith amazing dance moves,while So-hee did her version of Beyonce‘s “Put a Ring On It“. Now all the girls did their thing in the solo department, but these two particular members stood out to me. This was probably because Hae-lim is the newest member we want to know more about, and So-hee is the baby who has come out of her shell.The girls also performed their latest hit  “2 Different Tears” among other fabulous songs.

So, now that you know about the concert. How about I give it over to “The Wonder Girls“!


Wonder Girls:Hi, nice to meet you

POPSEOUL!: I have a few questions for you:What is the meaning behind your latest album and single “2 Different Tears”?

Wonder Girls: “2 Different Tears”, like cried because of him. We cry because of love and because we are pleased  and he made us sad. He gaves us pain so we have “2 Different Tears”.

POPSEOUL!: The Wonder Girls had a transformation this year with the exit of one member and introduction of another. How have you bonded together with your newest member Woo Hae-lim?

Wonder Girls: She’s our new member, but she is trying really hard. She is trying really really hard. She’s a cool girl. She is just like our sister.

POPSEOUL!:What do you like about touring in the US?

Wonder Girls:All these things are really amazing to us. We are enjoying every moment and we are really having fun. We are having fun meeting fans here. So, we are enjoying every moment.

POPSEOUL!:Comparison: Who are better tour mates, 2PM or the Jonas Brothers?

Wonder Girls:” It’s hard to compare because Jonas Brothers, they are like really huge here(USA) they are really big here. So we have learned alot of things from them. Since they are very used to working here, as artists, we learned alot of things from them. They were really nice to us. Now here 2pm, we’ve been trained in our company(JYP Entertainment) together and we are like family and we are having alot of fun. They both are great partners, I think”

POPSEOUL!:Are you a fan of POPSEOUL!, If this is your first time hearing about us, do you think you will be avid POPSEOULers  after this interview?

Wonder Girls:”Umm….We gotta be honest, right? Now, we would love to check it out. We would really love to check it out”

Thank you for coming. Thank you so much.

POPSEOUL!: Thank You

Wonder Girls: Thank you so much.

Check out the CHI-wonderful pictures here:


*Special Thanks to David and the rest of JYPE team for giving us the

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