BTSCelebs Conducts a Twitter-view with 6Theory’s founder Johnny Noh

This holiday season is just getting better at BTSCelebs!

On November 18th, BTSCelebs CEO held a Twitter-view (via @KimHyunJoongFan) with Kpop extraordinaire Mr. Johnny Noh.

Who is Mr. Noh? He is the mastermind and co-founder of 6theory, Allkpop, Tokyohive.

This K-pop CEO dropped into our Twittersphere to answer 6 questions (in honor of 6theory) from BTSCelebsCEO and our entire team. He talked about the birth of his company, his celebrity crush, his new girl band and much more.

Without futher ado, check out his entire Twitter-view below:

BTSCelebs: Mr. Hi @johnnynoh ….Thank you for joining us today. 1st Question: How was @6theory born? 

Johnny Noh:  6Theory was founded as we launched allkpop and tokyohive. The name was based off of the 6 degrees of separation…  as we are in the business of connecting fans with one another globally, as well as with their favorite stars.

Great Concept. Fans are definitely connecting on your sites. 2nd Q: Who is your celeb crush?

I don’t really have a celeb crush, but I do like HyunA’s solo work. Her style and stage presence are very polished.

Wow…the sexy HyunA (4minute) haha……  3rd Q: Was running an entertainment news reporting company always your dream?

Working in Entertainment was my dream, more specifically creating content. allkpop was the first step, but yes, all of this has definitely been a dream come true.We all work extremely long hours and even sleep at the office, bc we love what we do.

You have proven dreams come true…..  Let’s talk a little about your new girl group @newfostyle…. 4th Q: What is your vision for the future of New F.O.?

So, we all have invested a lot of heart and effort into this project and at this point, our main vision is to ensure that our girls have a successful career and that we do everything in our power to help support their dreams

We are all anticipating their debut. All the best to@newfostyle …. fighting

I went off a little on a tangent, but in addition to all of that, we want to take a lot of unique approaches and really do things that most ent labels never do, we def. want to get the fans involved, whether it’s taking a fan along with us and the group to a music bank performance, or whatever else we can think of and really show what it’s like bts

No, not at all….Your explanation really helped us learn more about the backstory of @newfostyle

 5th Q: There have been several attempts to study the racial make-up of K-Pop listeners, What is your guess on the percentage of the nationality of groups that love KPop?  – (Question courtesy of team member Kevin)

 How should I explain this? From our stats, we have readers from all over the world, and all different ethnicities. I think that around 30% are Korean and the rest are other ethnicities/nationalities

6th Q: Is there an artist/group you think can without a doubt make it in US? – (Question courtesy of team member Anna)

Honestly, I think it’s still a little too early, but I’d probably have to say… 2NE1 has the best shot at this point.. their style and swag I believe fits best with western culture

They are Kpop ‘s representative girl group in swag department. That was our last question, but I do have one…. more thing to say about @newfostyle you mentioned the “bts”. That is what we stand for .. .BTSCelebs…


thank you again for joining us and we will keep our eye on @newfostyle and @6theory as your company makes its…. official debut in Kpop.  Your plans in Kpop sound very exciting. 

Thank you for the interview opportunity. Everyone check out #BTSCelebs!

BTSCelebs wish Johnny Noh and the rest of the 6theory the best in all their endeavors  Thank You, Mr. Noh for the exclusive Twitter-view.

Image sources: All rights to the photos belong to Johnny Noh, 6theory and EnterArts Global.

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