Adam Ware, MNET America’s CEO, Indepth Interview – Part 2

Part 2 of BTSCelebs interview with CEO Adam Ware is here! Check out the four “loaded” questions below:

If you had the chance to virtually date/marry any Korean celebrity, who would it be and why?

This is a loaded question and I respectfully take the “fifth amendment”.

Are international (or American)music fans different from Korean?

In some ways they are and some ways they are not. I think the biggest is that American fans don’t necessarily speak Korean, but love K Pop anyways. They love the whole vibe of the stars and the participatory manner that fans can connect. Like doing dance moves and so on. Also, in America the boy and girl bands don’t really exist any longer. 

 What is their most requested artist/TV program?

2NE1. Hands down. Also, viewers want to see M Countdown live. And we are working on trying to figure out a way to broadcast it in the US on TV on the same day it airs in Korea.

 What is the achievement you are most proud of in the last year? 

We’ve expanded the network to all the top 10 cities in the US including San Francisco,Chicago and Boston. Also, it is really amazing to see that Mnet is now starting to gain traction as an American channel and not as imported foreign channel. 

Next Week – Find out how Mr. Ware got into K-pop and what specific moments working in the television industry he will never forget. 

We send a  Special Thanks to Hannah at Mnet and BTSCelebs Team members Anna and Kevin.

All rights to the image belong to CJ E&M and Mnet. 

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