Tim Tebow and Jordin Sparks Pose for Twitter Pic


Tim Tebow: “Absolute pleasure meeting @JordinSparks! Awesome girl!”

On February 3rd, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks (22) and NFL star Tim Tebow (24)  posed for a picture and uploaded it on Twitter. Tim expressed his joy in meeting Jordin for the first time and I thought they looked so cute together that I had to place a spotlight on them for just a moment.

To answer your question… There has been no confirmation of them dating!  I’m a fan of Jordin’s music and I saw the photo  above and thought they look good together. I mean a tall girl (Jordin’s 6 feet) has found a guy who is a perfect height for her to take a picture with! It’s nice.

Image Source: All rights to the image belong  to Tim Tebow 

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2 Responses to Tim Tebow and Jordin Sparks Pose for Twitter Pic

  1. Carolyn says:

    They look so adorable together.

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