Meet the Star of “Starry Constellation Magazine”, Lisa Steinberg – Part 1

Have you ever wanted to meet the celebrity behind the celebrity?

Lisa Steinberg is one of those ladies. She has been bringing the stars to you since 2003. From reviews to interviews, Lisa knows Hollywood!

Check out part one of our interview with one of the most famous names in the business… behind the scenes (BTS):

BTSCelebs: Who was the very first celebrity you ever interviewed? How did it go?
Lisa Steinberg: My very first interview was with former “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Iyari Limon and it was done by email.  I had no idea what I was doing and sent in like fifty questions for her to respond to. Now a days of course I know to make things A LOT shorter and a lot more practical to answer.  But eventually I actually met Iyari and apologized and she completely understood – we totally had a good laugh about it!  Trial and error is a big part of the business.
How many celebrities have you interviewed since you started your Starry Constellation Magazine?
Unfortunately, I don’t keep count, so I can’t tell you. But we’ve been around since 2003 and we’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary in January so you can imagine the number is pretty high up there!
Have you ever interviewed politicians or royalty? Do you have plans to in the future? 
We have not interviewed any politicians or any royalty, unless you count television royalty and we all know Betty White is on that list and the answer would be yes! If we ever had the opportunity to interview politicians or royalty we definitely wouldn’t shy away from it.
What made you realize your career with Starry Mag was the right career decision for you?
 I always had a passion for journalism and celebrities.  I was fascinated by television, actors, actresses, and movies – they were my escape.  So when I started looking at online magazines I didn’t see many that conducted celebrity interviews.  With my curiosity and passion, I decided, why can’t it be me?  Why can’t I start the trend and interview the celebrities that I look up to?  So, I decided to found my own magazine and try my hand at interviewing celebrities.  I figured I would ask to interview the celebrities thatI admired and if I got a no, that’d be fine, but I’d keep going until I got my yes.  Amazingly enough, my first shot at an interview, they said yes!
Please describe what the procedures are to securing an interview with in-demand celebrities and walk us thru the actual interview process.
Many interviews are done by conference calls and television show networks will get in touch with us and let us know that on a certain day and time they will have a conference call with one of their show celebrities and they ask if we would like to participate.  When it comes to one on one interviews, we will get in touch with the celebrities’ publicist by sending a request for an interview with their client.  We give them a little bit of background information on the magazine and give them some examples of some of the high profile celebrities that we’ve been lucky enough to have the pleasure and opportunity to interview.  After that we just let them know that we would love to interview their client, and not only would it mean a lot to us, but it would mean a lot as well to our readers. 
Next Week: We will learn about Lisa’s experience at the Huffington Post, her dream interview guest, award shows/athletes and her ultimate celebrity crush.
A Special Thanks to Lisa Steinberg for the interview and BTSCelebs Team Member Anna for contributing questions.

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