Chicago Bear Kyle Adams: “I’m a Christian. So, [football] gives me a platform to share my faith…”

Kyle is one of Chicago’s best guys!

On August 12th, 2012, I had the opportunity to briefly interview Chicago Bears player Kyle Adams. The team’s Tight End player expressed his passion about his faith in God, as well as, his career.

I asked him seven questions and part one of our chat is below:

BTSCelebs: What made you decide to join the Bears?

Kyle Adams: I was a free agent after the draft and they came in contact with me and I thought it would be the best situation for me coming out of college.

Is training a year-round process or only at Bears Training Camp?

Its definitely a year-round process. I don’t have many days off. I might take a little time off after the season. But, after that…  you have to start lifting and running and getting ready for the next one.

Describe a typical game day for the Bears (home or away games):

Home game… it kind of depends on when we play. But, you get up and have some meetings. If its a morning game, we get up and pretty much go to the stadium and get ready and play. If not, we have some meetings.. some down time to kind of relax and we play whenever it is. If its an away game, its the same scenario just in a different city.

How has being a Bear changed your life?

Well ….for me.. I’m a Christian. So, it gives me a platform to share my faith so its really neat. And then the other ways its changed my life… its kind of a noticeable job so alot of people respect it and that’s really neat. Just playing a game for a living is always fun.

*Next week, you can learn all about Kyle’s hopes for this football season, who he feels are his BIGGEST fans and his favorite music to listen to while training.*

Click here to view his official online profile to learn more about Kyle .

A Special Thanks to Kyle Adams and Mike Corbo for the interview

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4 Responses to Chicago Bear Kyle Adams: “I’m a Christian. So, [football] gives me a platform to share my faith…”

  1. roryg2008 says:

    Reblogged this on Roryg2008's Blog.

  2. slbrown says:

    I know it’s tough to make the cut, but it would be nice if things worked out for Kyle and the Bears. Great interview. He seems very personable.

  3. BTSCelebs says:

    Hi Slbrown 🙂
    I’m glad you enjoyed part one of our interview…..remember part two is next week!
    I hope our home team wins the Superbowl too this year.

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