Future Presidents: “This Was Our First Shot at Making Something for K-Pop”

BTSCelebs: How did you get your start in the music industry?
Future Presidents: The Three of us were making music for many years and had some small releases here and there until we all ended up getting signed to a publishing for young talent owned by one of the top producers in The Netherlands. We met each other while working on several projects and decided to do a project together called DJ Porny. What started as a gimmick, became a top 5 hit in The Netherlands and charted in Germany and Belgium as well, it was released in over 14 countries in total. Immediately record labels were interested in working with the three of us so we came up with the name Future Presidents and ran with it. We have been working together non stop since 2006 and we’re still growing every year.
What made you choose the K-pop industry to work in?
About two years ago, our current publisher Universal Music sent us a couple of youtube videos and introduced us to K-Pop. We immediately loved the energy, the catchy melodies, the edginess of the productions and the amazing music videos and the great response it was getting. So, we locked ourselves up for about two weeks and started working on our own version of a K-Pop track, that song was “Electric Shock”.
How did you get the opportunity to work with SM Entertainment on f(x)’s album?
Our publisher already had several successes with SM placing songs and he sent Electric Shock there about two years ago after we had just written it. We didn’t hear anything regarding the song until a couple of months back when SM let us know they wanted F(x) to record it.

Walk us thru the recording and production process of the single “Electric Shock”:
This was our first shot at making something for the K-Pop scene, so we had to think outside the box for this one. We started with the drums on the verses and added synths, we wanted something aggressive with alot of drive right away.. And started building from there.. It needed a breakdown from the heavy verse and than we changed up the beat to give it a more dance vibe in the chorus, which seemed to work. Than we started writing the melodies and lyrics in English, cause we can’t speak Korean, but made sure everything would sound good in Korean as well.. So in our heads it sounded Korean already haha. We hired a great vocalist to come in and record it after listening to K-pop records by f(x) and others to make sure we got the sound and the vibe just right. When everything is recorded we usually start adding breakdowns and effects etc. until we feel we did everything to keep it interesting throughout the whole song.

From the time you recorded the demo to the finished product, how long did it take to complete “Electric Shock”?
It’s been about two years since we worked on the demo so I’m not sure.. It took us a while to find the right style, but I think it was probably about two weeks in total for the demo.The recording with F(x) and the final mixing was done in Korea, which took a couple of days I think in total.

Is there a tour planned? Any places f(x) plans to stop?
We just write and produce the songs, we don’t plan the tours, but I believe they are focusing on Japan with a tour there soon.

Does this have any relation to “Electric Lights”?

EleKtriK LightZ was the original title of the track when we wrote it in English. 

Is it a revamped or remixed version of “Electric Lights? Do they have any plans for a full album, if any? **
The Korean translater changed it into Electric Lights. I believe the plan is to release an album in Japan first and than work on a new Korean album.

A Special Thanks to Future Presidents for the interview and photo

**A BTS Thanks to BTSCelebs Team Member Kevin for his interview questions**

All rights to the video belong to SM Entertainment, Future Presidents and f(x)
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