Catherine Davis: “64% of Abortions Occur Because Women Are Pressured…”

BTSCelebs: What influenced you to join the Black ProLife Coalition and start The Restoration Project? 

Catherine Davis: There is a very clear and very real impact that abortion is having on the black community in particular (and communities of color in general) that wasn’t addressed. The Black Prolife Coalition and The Restoration Project were founded to make this disproportionate impact of abortion known throughout the nation. There are many other areas in which the family is disproportionately impacted (education, imprisonment, health to name a few) and The Restoration Project addresses those areas, as well as, working to inform, educate and activate.


Was there one moment in your life that compelled you to make the “Runaway Slave” documentary?

More like a series of moments. My hearts breaks every time I think about the impact America’s liberal public policies have had on blacks. To name a few: more than 70% of black families are headed by single females, more than 40% of black America is illiterate; many believe our public schools are nothing more than pipelines to the prison system for young black men who are 40% of the prison population.  Someone had to connect the dots and warn the community and I could not help but join C. L to sound the alarm.


Why do think so many women abort their unborn babies?

The abortion industry approached the two groups that were most civilly dead in America: women and blacks – who were both considered property of others, rather than individual human beings. They framed their population control agenda in terms that would bestow a new civil right on these groups: the right to determine what they would do with their bodies. The desire to achieve civil rights drowned out the woman’s maternal yearnings, turning the most safe, most sacred place for a child into a stronghold of terror.


What is the typical age range of pregnant women aborting their babies and do family members persuade their decision? 

About 58% of abortion minded women are in their 20s, 22% in their 30s. There are reports that about 64% of the abortions are not a result of “choice” but occur because the woman was pressured by a spouse, parent, minister, partner or other person in a position of authority.

Next Week: Catherine Davis discusses the father’s role in the abortion issue, race/income level and what we can do to help these pregnant women.

*A Special Thanks to Catherine Davis and Lori of Biscuit Media Group for the image

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