BoA and Choi Si Won: Christmas Couple


This Christmas, the two SM Entertainment labelmates shared two very different messages.

BoA tweeted a religious image of the Christian nativity scene (Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Christ), while Choi Si Won took the mainstream approach and shared his own version of Santa.

Many music lovers know the two K-pop stars are just good friends and this particular holiday they switched roles. (note: Si Won is the very devout Christian.) Nonetheless, you can check out their fun Christmas behind-the-scenes right here on BTSCelebs!

Click Here to view BoA’s nativity scene and Here to view Si Won’s Santa.

Which one is my favorite? I would have to choose the nativity scene.

BTSCelebs wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All rights to the images belong to @siwon407 and @BoAkwon

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