Christian Ponder and Wife Reveal Wedding Rock


Be prepared to laugh…..

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and his new wife Samantha tweeted the most hilarious behind the scenes wedding image, I had to share it.

The message came from his new wife ESPN reporter Samantha Steele. On December 31st, she shared this retweet (from fellow ESPN sports journalist David Pollack)  along with the image above

” Check out @Samantha_Steele & her new wedding ring. Wow!!”

Samantha: “@cponder7 wanted to be subtle”

Christian tweeted the following response:

@Samantha_Steele @davidpollack47 largest piece of cubic zirconia ever. Couldn’t afford the real thing”

I wish they could have shared their actual wedding images, but its great to have a New Years laugh!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Ponder on their recent marriage and a extra congrats to Christian and the rest of the Vikings for making the playoffs.

All rights to the image and quotes belong to Samantha Steele, Christian Ponder and David Pollack.

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