Star in “Divergent”: Filming Starts in Chicago in Spring of 2013


Do you want to be an actor in a multi-million production? Would you like to work with George Clooney‘s (pretend) daughter?

“Divergent” is the production for you!

Actress Shailene Woodley (The Descendents and The Secret Life of the American Teenager) will star in a Red Wagon Entertainment production that is set to film in Chicago. The action/romance/sci-fi movie plans to begin filming in April of 2013.

The duration will be 60 days… are you up for the challenge?

Make your acting debut as a movie extra in “Divergent”! Click Here to visit the casting company’s official website and learn how you can sign up.

Click Here to see who is assisting in their casting and setting up the official casting call.

All rights to the image and information belongs to Veronica Roth, Harper Collins and Reel Chicago.

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