Ryan Higa and Megan Lee: Will They Surpass Psy?


The “Gangnam Style” fire is starting to simmer down and the world is looking for the next big thing… on YouTube!

After years of working in the K-entertainment circuit, I heard the names Megan Lee and Ryan Higa, but I never knew much about either of them. All I knew was Megan was a teen actress/singer and Ryan was the funny guy (comedy geared toward grown-ups) on YouTube.

Years later, I discovered these two have hit the YouTube jackpot! Ryan is a megastar with well over a billion channel views and Megan has landed a contract with an entertainment agency in South Korea. Separately, they have achieved a great deal, but put these two together and I think Psy may have some stiff competition!

They both have big personalities. She has the music and he has the name…. I mean comedy. Together, they are “Gangnam Style” with the Asian style to top it off.


Psy may have gotten the SuperBowl Commercial, but Ryan has already released his video on YouTube. I’m highly anticipating the next big act after Psy….and I just wonder if they have the “Y” Factor.

All rights to the images belong to Ryan Higa and Megan Lee.

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6 Responses to Ryan Higa and Megan Lee: Will They Surpass Psy?

  1. Jasmine says:

    Ryan is not even Korean lololol

    • BTSCelebs says:

      I know that. 🙂 He doesn’t have to be Korean to be the next big thing on YouTube. Ryan and Megan (regardless of their race) have the talent to catch the world’s eye.

  2. roryg2008 says:

    Reblogged this on Roryg2008.

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