Manti Te’o: Goodbye Notre Dame


Manti is moving on!

On February 10th, the popular football star took a moment to thank his college supporters one last time via Facebook:

“I just wanted to thank everyone for all their love and support you have shown me and my family. Thank you to everyone back in the 808 for everything you have done for me. I cannot explain how thankful I am to know that I have the support of my home. To my Notre Dame family…you are the ones that make Notre Dame what it is today. I truly miss being under that dome but I proudly carry that ND brand with me wherever I go. To my friends and family…you’ve been there to celebrate with me during my times of triumph and you’ve stuck by my side during my times of trial. I can’t thank you enough. I pray you all have a wonderful sabbath day and know that I love you all.”

Manti Te’o is currently awaiting the right NFL/AFL team to join for the 2013-2014 football season.

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Manti Te’o and his official fan club.

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