Carey Lewis: AMTC Was Approached About Reality TV


Do you love God and entertainment and want to train to be the best in acting, singing, modeling, etc… in a religious setting.

Well, look no further…. AMTC is the place for you. BTSCelebs recently had the opportunity to interview the CSO (Chief Serving Office) of AMTC, Carey Lewis.

Here is BTSCelebs in-depth look into the heart of AMTC:

BTSCelebs: How was AMTC formed? Why did you decide to make an entertainment company to glorify God?

Carey Lewis: AMTC was a successful mainstream talent development company for 24 years, until circumstances in my own life started falling apart. My husband of 30 years left me. That was the biggest thing, but bad things can happen in groups–so it seemed like ‘the sky was falling down’ around me. And I broke.

In my brokenness, I found Jesus. What a miracle! Where AMTC is concerned, I was transformed from a burned-out 51 year-old CEO to a 57-year-old girl on a mission. The transformation of my adult children turning to Christ and AMTC itself is an amazing story. Let’s just say God had a plan. Now AMTC uses all its past experience and connections to launch stars for God–to set positive examples for others to follow.

Bad is bold in the entertainment industry, so good must be bolder. God’s performers are rising up by the thousands to answer His call. They are climbing the mountains of arts, entertainment and media. AMTC is coaching them in this climb.

Name five of your most successful students:

Chris Young, country music star


Sharon Matthai, The Voice


Charles Michael Davis (Grey’s Anatomy, The Game, Switched at Birth)


Sonia Dara (Harvard grad and supermodel)


and Mary Charles Jones (child movie and TV star).


We have over 1500 grads featured on our website.

What upcoming movie or current TV series would you love for AMTC students to make the most impact in?

AMTC grads, like Ben Davies and TC Stallings, were in the amazing movie, COURAGEOUS, by Sherwood Pictures. Of course, we love everything Sherwood does. But many grads also feel called to mainstream movies, to be the light in a dark place. That’s important, too.

Will the AMTC family launch their own reality series?

AMTC has been approached by several companies about a reality TV show already. Nothing has panned out yet, but we are hopeful and excited. It would be amazing for the world to see just how cool, real, and joyful Christian performers really are. A behind-the-scenes look at Christians would illuminate the world on a different way to live.

They would see us experience the same heartaches and struggles as everyone else, but they would also see a way to handle challenges they may never have witnessed. I believe an AMTC reality TV series would use the “celebrity” that fascinates the world for godly purposes. I can’t think of a better way to get the witness of Jesus Christ out there. That being said, God is in control and everything He does is perfect and perfectly timed. So, we’re happy with whatever God decides.

Is there a specific designer or recording artist you would love to reach thru AMTC? 

There are so many big stars who say they started off their careers as Christians, it’s hard to name them all. But now, they seem to be living the opposite life. I call them prodigals. God shows us in the Bible that He especially loves His prodigals, but it’s time to come home. Think of the amazing good that will come when a star comes home to Jesus publicly. Think of all the fans that might follow! What a glory moment.

What are you hopes for AMTC this year? 

My hope for AMTC this year is that we grow in our walk with God: that we always stop to look for Him, to listen for His Voice, and that He will continue to guide our staff, our performers and our grads to the wonderful destinies He has prepared for us. My hope and belief is that millions upon millions of lost and prodigal children and adults will be brought into the Kingdom of God through the movement of actors, models and talent for Christ.

Learn more about Ms. Lewis and the mission of AMTC by visiting their official website:

**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Linda Goodall and Carey Lewis for the interview and images.**

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